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This page is the collections of what I have learned through practicing about art and nature in the field of Photography and Graphic Design. It would be a medium to share my hobby and also my business in Photography and Graphic Design works that is collected as Images Gallery in this page. This page will show a glimpse of my skill, experience and knowledge in the field of  Photography and Graphic Design to inspire or just as comparison with you who already expert in Photography and Graphic Design. I think Photography and Graphic Design has much relationship one another that could be as complement for each other. Having a good knowledge and experience in the field of Photography and Graphic Design will produce a better masterpiece, to create much more the Art Works that is not becoming such a boring things.

Motion Clip and Animation Footages I have created as raw material collections of the art video works that I have just made by learning of videography or filmmaker and animation. I am very excited to improve the skills and taste in graphic and motion art. So at this page I would like to show you some of the video footages that most inspired by Shutterstock Footages which is give me much experience in order to make graphic motion art. This page is a media collections of clip video footages to practice my skill in shutting and editing of the video. Mastering video editing software becomes a very important thing. For me I love to use adobe software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition to make clip video and footages looks more interesting and professional.
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Balinese Greeting Cards Vector Graphic Design
Happy Galungan and Kuningan - 23th October 2013

The arrival Moment of Galungan and Kuningan which come on 23th October in the year 2013, giving an inspiration to make Balinese Greeting Cards in vector form. Which in turn will keep me updated with Balinese Greeting Cards the other on the next time, to practice the skills in making a unique and ethnicity about vector design. Unique and Ethnic provide distinctive character within a design.

Actually my homeland, Bali has many feasts moment related with traditions and religious that still exist in Bali. To welcome and celebrate the arrival feast day in Bali, greeting cards as a thing that also improve the spirit of celebrating the great feast. To add a reference and inspiration for many people who want to make a Balinese design greeting Cards, This album could be an example of design and spark your enthusiasm in making design with Bali sense that we love.

There is a difference in sensation as we create between pixel design photo and vector design. Vector design gives more freedom in the imagination, such as when you make a painting. Pixel design using a photograph relative faster we finish, because we just use the photograph as the object element of a design and is extremely in dependence on the pixels of the photo that you took before. While the vector design is need more of your imagination in the final process of vector design that you create.

Personally I see Balinese Greeting Cards Vector Cards are rarely made ​​in the vector form. However I'm sure for all my friends who want to learn graphic design vector, create greeting card vector design itself makes will provide breadth in casting of your imagination, which is needed here is patience until the final process. The design of Happy Galungan and Kuningan greeting card above, in Indonesia language is "Selamat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan" 100% pure in vector-based, using a combination of highly flexible coreldraw and illustrator that is very resilient in a complex vector design and a more vibrant effect. There is no perfect software as a whole, understand the something less of the software indicates the depth of your experience and understanding about graphic design.

The source file of the vector design is available on right now and you can find more of my vector design and also the photographs. Please come and feel free to explore my update vector design as one of your references for the comparison with your work and make more other works better, keep working!

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Vector Design of Balinese Carving
Bali Carving Vector : Maduwe Karang Temple Relief

Bali has style of the carving that is very unique and attract all who are concerned and love about Bali. The motif Style of Balinese Carving can be found at many building in region of Bali, decorations of the rooftops of balinese houses, and many various kinds of balinese cloths and especially for the temple buildings and facilities of the religious and tradition ceremony in Bali, etc. I do not have expertise in sculpting Balinese Carving, by the way I am so fascinated with the soul in cultural heritage reflected through character of carving style in Bali which still exist until this day.

I do love the style of Bali Carving. For that I want to pour it in the vector design that still rarely found on the graphic design works collection, especially in the form of the vector design. Graphic design works now is more modern nuances. On this time I will give you any collection of graphic design vector that may useful and sometime needed, or you can use a part of the element to your graphic design work with the ethnic Bali impression that may make your design looks more attracted with the special ethnic Bali.

In the process to make a graphic design works with special ethnic Bali that somethings we have to consider about the ethnic character that strongly correlated with the local culture of Bali. Bali carving have any style that reflect about the local character and the values of Balinese culture that still existed. This album is the vector collection of Bali Carving Style to express my love with the ethnic Bali and practice my skill to create the arch curves of Bali Carving Style that fully with arch curves. And also I will give you the link to download for the vector design for free. So you can use to make a graphic design with ethnic Vector Bali Carving that match to your graphic design that you needed. I hope it can be useful for you to make a great graphic design work.

This is the Album of the Vector of Bali Carving will be updated at time and adde gradually to test and improve the skill to make a vector design. In the making vector design you must often to practice to find the way that more effective to create a complex of the object vector design, the skill will be improve with the practice. I hope it can inspire you to make an object vector using Corel Draw, Freehand or Adobe Illustrator, to test the skill to create the path. Surely you must be patience in order to make a vector graphic design work so that the result is not disappointed. If you have any skill to drawing manually, it makes easier and maybe you more than i am in order to make a Vector design as your own.

I hope this album collection can be useful to you all is about Vector of Bali Carving and can help you manifest your desires to make a vector graphic design that more unique and interesting. If the password needed to open the vector files, please subscribe and send a mail, i will send you the password, Good Luck!

Album of Bali Carving Vector
The source vector of Maduwe Karang of Balinese Temple Decoration is available on portfolio and also my photograph. I happy and welcome you as a professional and creative worker on shutterstock with fresh update of my works.
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Creating Memories Photo Design with Photoshop
You want to create Memories photos like this? This photo was designed at the request of my brother who recently found his girlfriend after a long time no have a girlfriend. So happy his heart that desire makes a photo that look more beautiful designs than before, because the photo is not taken by a professional photographer already.
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Design Desk Calendar for Wedding Souvenir
The graphic design work with the wedding theme and romantic nuance have made in the form of a desk calendar. The desk calender for the weddings souvenir contains with calendar in the year 2013 which is equipped with the big feast and Indonesia's national day and some of the special day in Bali which usually to be a reference of the Balinese to celebrate ceremony, ritual and tradition. Actually Bali has many ritual day, to remember the most feast in Bali poured in a special desk calender.
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