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Creating Module Positions on Joomla Website

After we have articles that are in Category a specific grouping, it's time we create a menu in a module position on joomla template. Joomla templates provide module position in a view of our website. If you have the ability to design your own templates, you can define its own the module position to make what you desire. For those who use instant templates are usually already available in the standard position. For that we will learn how to make a menu in a module position and how to select the position of the module so that the articles that are in a category can be presented either in the navigation menu.

Menus in the presentation of a navigation tool that allows the user to find for our articles easily. Generally the menus is a grouping of articles in a specific category. So the menu can include the contents of the main category, while the sub menu can include the contents of the sub-category. Besides presenting category and sub-category, as the media of menu navigation can also be added such things as you need in order to build your site.

Module in implementation in the form of positions in a Joomla template site. Menu in the presentation occupies one of the positions of module. For that to make the navigation menu we must first determine the position the module. After that we can display the menu in a group category article that we have made. For more details, see the picture above!

Menus in the menu manager consists with menu items and sub menu item is composed as well as category, because menu item also has a parent  that can be arranged as shown picture above. Each menu item has a menu item type to display the contents of a website article. For example here I use the "Featured Articles" on main menu item, while the sub menu items I use the "Category Blog" with the article layout format 0 4 1 0.

Things to consider in making a menu item first is  Menu Item has a Menu Item Type with "setting required" to be determined, the second is the Parent Item is to determine whether a menu item as a main menu item or sub-menu item. It is like making a category and sub category in accordance with the parent. The third is to determine the layout that will be displayed in a menu item. Let's look at the following video to create a menu and module in joomla site.

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