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Agratitudesign Impression is a medium to share knowledge and experience in the field of Graphic and Web design, Computer and Printer technology, Balinese culture as part of the world culture that still exists in today's world.

Graphic and Web is an integral part and mutually supporting one another to build and be a means of delivering information, knowledge, experience and inspiration so that we can exchange and share knowledge and experience of each of us. Graphic and Web for the first part of the Agratitudesign contents the basis of knowledge and experience that can be set properly.

Computer and printer technology is a field that we started our business since 2008 year. Along as our experience in running a small business has experienced ups and downs and forging a problem that never stop. That's why the second part of agratitudesign is about the experience and the problems we've faced in running the business in the field of computer and printer.

Culture and traditions of Bali is the environment we grow and thrive in this modern era. Clash of the field of culture and tradition in Bali often we face the demands of a business consequences, but we remain a part of our cultural heritage which must remain our cherished.

Balinese culture is the culture of the past that a lot of pressure from global influences and modernization. But this noble culture can not we leave it simply because we still hold to relationship with our ancestors. Value of spiritual and magical culture of our ancestors, sometimes beyond the scope of modern logic reasoning.

Logic never said anything outside himself, if he does not, he is not the logic but maybe a politics and manipulation. The essence of the teachings of our ancestors are teaching about harmony with the environment and a sense of gratitude to God who gave life in the world. But God will never be seen. Something that never seen is trying expressed by logic and wisdom of ancestors, but political will deflect them toward goals which lead to selfish interests.

Agratitudesign believes logic and wisdom can only deflected on the dimensions of life in this world. There is a dimensions that is called death dimensional in nature that will scan everything you do that ever to deflected the logic and wisdom to speak the truth.


  1. hi how are you?
    i have problem in mikrotic
    con you help me?
    my Email :

    1. please!
      Talk to us about your problem, maybe we can help you.

  2. saya telah membaca artikel Full Bandwidth Management Parent Queue Tree namun karena saya baru belajar tentang mikrotik, sy masih kurang faham,saya ingin bertanya sekaligus mohon pencerahannya.

    topologi sy sprt ini
    isp----->RB----->hub----->client dengan isp indihome 50mbps, setting modemnya bridge (dial di RB).
    yang mana In-Interface ?
    Out-Interface ?
    apakah in-interface= ether5
    Out-Interface : ether1 ataukah pake pppoe-nya

    bagaimana pembagian BW berdasar artikel tsbt jika di pakai di tempat saya dengan jumlah client 20?
    bagaimana cara menentukan burst-limit, burst-threshold berdasarkan maksimal limit yang telah dipatok untuk masing2 client??


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