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Fix Memory Card Can Not Recognized

Memory Card is one of the instruments of digital data storage, can be in the form of video, music, and other Archive files. The form and size varied according to memory slot that contained in devices that require the storage media. Usage of memory card is now being a very important instruments, especially in the field of computer, multimedia, mobile phones, digital camera and other devices that require storage equipment inside, where you can bring it easily to your purposes. Because of it's small and slim, memory card is designed with the large functionality and flexible for many various types of digital media in the circulation than the flash drive that much more oriented to the computer data storage.

Memory Card has a chip connector that have a function as a connector to the many kind of media so that the content or data can be read by the media that you connected the data therein. Sometimes happens when we are not concerned with memory card or storage data inside and the memory card in the bad place, the connector chip clothed with dirt settles or corrosion. When this happens the chip connector is unable to connect as perfectly with the memory card reader connector. So what happens is with the memory card that can not be read or not recognized by the media that has a memory card slot or card reader.

Actually this is a simple problem that may occur on the memory card that you have. If the memory card can not recognized by a card reader or a memory card slot located on the media that you have, such as laptops, mobile phones, digital camera or the other. Do not throw away the memory card first or buy a new one. I would suggest you that you check your memory card connector chip before deciding to buy a new one.

Look at the picture above ! the connector chip consists with some pin or port that everything should connected perfectly. If there is any one which is not connected with your media slot, the memory card is not recognized or damage. To fix the problem, you should be clean the memory card connector chip from all kinds of dirt and corrosion veil that blocks connections that happen is by using wet tissue or tissue with alcohol were given, rubbed on all memory card connector chip. If the chip connector cleaner in sight let stand a few minutes until dry. Then wipe with a dry tissue. In this way the memory card will be read back if the problem because of connector chip.

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