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Cause of Damaged the Computer Memory

Random Access Memory (RAM) or familiarly known as Memory, is a computer component as a determinant of the speed of the computer after the processor. Memory plays a very active when you're using your computer. It's so easy in the installation of memory in a personal computer in particular, so that at any time you would like to add another memory on your personal computer that may work slowly. Desire to increase the performance of your computer by adding additional memory in your computer should not brings a problem on the future.

The development of memory type production line with the development of computer hardware. About the types of memory you can see more fully here. Memory that usually used now is kind of DDR, DDR2, DDR3 which have different slots or pin according to the type of computer processor that you have. For example, DDR type that i use on the Pentium IV of computer there are different types of memory issued from different manufacturers in the market.

Pictured above are two types of memory DDR, with different types and manufacturers. As seen on the picture above, type 1 have memory chips on both sides, whereas type 2 only have a memory chip on one side. Type 2 is not so clearly seen about the type and original manufacturers. Both type of memory all can be used and match in the memory slot contained on my CPU. First time I just use one memory in my computer that is type 1.

Then I get the computer memory of my friend that had broken on the mainboard. I use both of the memory on my computer, the result the computer runs as it should with speed increases. A long as 6 months of usage the problem was occurred. The computer runs but hangs, and sometimes restarts byself. At last can not loading windows operation system in it. Then I remove type 2 of the memory and not use it any more, the computer can run properly even though a little bit slow. After a few weeks the same problem happens again.

I have done on two computers with different types in different periods. The result is the same thing finally the both memory being unusable or damaged. Then unfortunately, i have to replace with a new 1 GB memory. The result my computer working well until now.

Here I got the conclusion on each type of memory has a different beat or pulse when the computer in operating. So if you use different type into memory slot of your CPU although have same in DDR memory but different type anda manufacture will work with a different rhythm (not synchronized). What happens is the pulse noise in your memory cause each other uncomfortable. And for a long time will cause damage to both of the memory.

This is the case that sometimes we do not realize the cause why memory was damaged. You like to hire employees who do not match both your employees and ultimately working to unsettle you. Of course you have to fix the mistakes that you've been going on and not repeat it.

My conclusion is reinforced by looking at the case of a laptop and netbook. Laptop or netbook has memory SO DIM DDR type. It never happens in the problem of damage memory on laptop or netbook. The most common problem is damage at the mainboard, Graphic Displayer (VGA/GPU). Memory by the same type and manufacturer cause there was never any problem with damage at the memory of the laptops or netbooks all a long.

Therefore, I suggest you do not use different types of memory in your computer or if you want to prove it. That was all and good luck!

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