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Scans Viruses to the Harddisk without Disassemble

HardDisk is one of the computer part to store the data files and included the operation systems file in large capacity. Harddisk (Hard Drive) as the storage of main data files is potentially happen a problem in it. The Problems which may occur depends on the environment of your computer and the treatment when you use that computer.

It could be the way of the technicians how to repair a computer of their client that have a problems with the harddisk inside which may comes from the virus. Generally, this problem is usually characterized by traits as follows:

  • Computers are too long to open any software or files than usual, even the computer can be hang
  • Folders or files appears rather strange when you operate the computer, the windows task manager on the tab processes there is an odd active file.
  • Computer can not booting the operating system inside, because operating system is messed up, etc

Many other characteristics that may happens according to the character of a virus that has infected to the computer. Almost the client does not care with their computer when the computer is behaving weird, and using the computer until really can not be used at all. If the virus was in harddisk for a long time in your computer, this is not only to be a problem to your data files, but this will make a permanent disabilities to another hardware that to be unified, although your computer can be working. Everything that we have done, harddisk have a high risk will infected by any viruses.

When any computer has infected by the virus, you will need to check by scanning with any antivirus that you trusted to the main computer that already protected with the best antivirus. This is not so effective if you do by inserting the harddisk that was infected by viruses being secondary harddisk on the computer that still yet infected (main computer). This is much better if you do from the outside without disassembling the main computer moreover for the laptop that more tricky to dissamble.

In order to scan the hardisk that was infected to the main computer, first you must know what the type of the harddisk that you want to scan. There are two types of the harddisk, that is ATA and SATA.
  • ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) is the kind of harddisk that more older still use parallel system which consists with 16 pin cable connection that first used in 1986 more familiar as IDE drives. 
  • SATA (Serial ATA) using the system serial cable that were adopted in 2004 which is an improvement ATA technology that has a higher speed. In 2009 has begun to replace ATA in  the world, integrated with a new model of the motherboard of the computer and laptop.
It is just a glimpse about ATA and SATA for more details let's see here. To scan the infected harddisk from outside without disassemble the main computer, tools that need is the tool IDE/SATA to USB converter. So that you can scan the infected hardisk such a flashdisk (flashdrive). With  IDE/SATA to USB converter the infected harddisk can be scanned that was very easy without disassemble the main computer, and make the main computer more safe. The use of IDE/SATA to USB Converter as you can see like the pictures below!
In this way as above the infected hardisk can be scanned can be more efficient then if you do it by by dismantling the main computer. For more clearly you see IDE/SATA to USB converter look at the pictures below!

 ATA/SATA to USB Converter has provides three types harddisk with terminal slot.
  • SATA Terminal Slot for all the types of the harddisk. Plug the Data Cable of SATA of the infected hardisk, then for the power there is such a general converter power hardisk plug it to the power SATA terminal harddisk. The rest you just  need plug to the USB terminal connection. After the infected harddisk was detected you can scan and clean the viruses on the infected harddisk.
  • IDE (ATA) Terminal Slot PC, plug the harddisk into a larger terminal slot
  • IDE (ATA) Terminal Slot Laptop, plug the hardisk into a smaller terminal slot
Using the external power harddisk connection USB will be stronger, especially for the type PC harddisk that require more power to be recognized through USB

The pictures above is  specially for the converter SATA to USB for the  Harddisk Laptop or Netbook, If you want to use it for the harddisk SATA PC, you must find double cable to USB, because the harddisk SATA PC need more power to load or recognize.

In this way, the external harddisk as infected hardisk was detected properly by a healthy or main computer. The next you need to scan the infected harddisk with the best of your antivirus. It is easy, it same like to get any flashdisk from your client to scan.

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