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Balinese Greeting Cards Vector Graphic Design
Happy Galungan and Kuningan - 23th October 2013

The arrival Moment of Galungan and Kuningan which come on 23th October in the year 2013, giving an inspiration to make Balinese Greeting Cards in vector form. Which in turn will keep me updated with Balinese Greeting Cards the other on the next time, to practice the skills in making a unique and ethnicity about vector design. Unique and Ethnic provide distinctive character within a design.

Actually my homeland, Bali has many feasts moment related with traditions and religious that still exist in Bali. To welcome and celebrate the arrival feast day in Bali, greeting cards as a thing that also improve the spirit of celebrating the great feast. To add a reference and inspiration for many people who want to make a Balinese design greeting Cards, This album could be an example of design and spark your enthusiasm in making design with Bali sense that we love.

There is a difference in sensation as we create between pixel design photo and vector design. Vector design gives more freedom in the imagination, such as when you make a painting. Pixel design using a photograph relative faster we finish, because we just use the photograph as the object element of a design and is extremely in dependence on the pixels of the photo that you took before. While the vector design is need more of your imagination in the final process of vector design that you create.

Personally I see Balinese Greeting Cards Vector Cards are rarely made ​​in the vector form. However I'm sure for all my friends who want to learn graphic design vector, create greeting card vector design itself makes will provide breadth in casting of your imagination, which is needed here is patience until the final process. The design of Happy Galungan and Kuningan greeting card above, in Indonesia language is "Selamat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan" 100% pure in vector-based, using a combination of highly flexible coreldraw and illustrator that is very resilient in a complex vector design and a more vibrant effect. There is no perfect software as a whole, understand the something less of the software indicates the depth of your experience and understanding about graphic design.

The source file of the vector design is available on right now and you can find more of my vector design and also the photographs. Please come and feel free to explore my update vector design as one of your references for the comparison with your work and make more other works better, keep working!

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