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Simple Prioritize Browsing using Bursts Avoid Domination MikroTik
The Purposes of bandwidth management is to give the satisfaction to all clients, especially in the congested traffic. How much the bandwidth do you have, if you did not manage it, it would be a waste of the bandwidth and monopoly or domination that causes the most of our clients will complaint with us. This usually occurs when the clients is full, meanwhile any clients do download and play video streams. Client one would never think of others, and can download many files at once.

Simple queues previously just limiting bandwidth by max limit just feels very stiff. But this is appropriate to be applied if you have a dedicate internet connection, that is a stable internet connection with the constant bandwidth, you can share it with equally, with no significant problems. But in generally ISP will provide a package called up to ... Mbps/Kbps, where the bandwidth is very high swaying. It is given at a price relatively cheaper than dedicate. The bandwidth with high fluctuations if we divide by calculation as normally, only give the quota is very small for the clients.

Simple queues with max-limit usually we have to provide greater value of the bandwidth calculation division. The problem lies in the tolerance bandwidth that we given is being boomerang to us, it can be the cause of occurrence monopoly or domination bandwidth for the clients that download and play video streams are so significant decrease browsing speed. For that we have to do shocks to the bandwidth by defined burst limit values​​, burst threshold, and Burst time on simple queues on each clients, to prevent the dominance of downloads and video streams.

Look at the picture above! the simple queue rules that was applied on my internet cafĂ©. All bandwidth that was given by ISP is up to 2 mbps. I have six clients, master is me, and extra is pc for printing. Actually bandwidth with up to 2 mbps only give the average bandwidth speed around 500 kbps,  divided by  6 clients, each client should  get 85 kbps. It is too small, If I do like this, all of the clients will be complaint. Therefore I have given 220k for each clients, but sometimes when all the clients online at time, the complaint will be beginning or 1 until 3 clients will be gone. This can be happened because of some of the clients do download and play video streams. That makes other client is hard just for browsing. Can you imagine it?

Using Bursts, it can be destroy the domination of the clients that will do download and play video streams and it has made prioritize to the browsing speed.  Ok ! assuming that you already made the simple queues like above. Now you must adjust the value of Burst Limit, Burst Threshold and burst time to the simple queues on each clients. Look at the picture below!

  • Max Limit : bandwidth speed Limitation Normally (standard limit bandwidth), customize it by yourself
  • Burst Limit : less then 4 x Max Limit,  triggering bandwidth speed periodically in the short time
  • Burst Threshold : 3/4 max Limit,  decreasing Bandwidth Speed periodically
  • Burst Time :  < 12 s,  time period of the third variables above
Adjust the value for the fourth variable above depending on the situation of your internet connection and how many client that you have. Completing Max Limit with Burst Limit, Burst Threshold, and Burst Time on the simple queues of each clients can make the internet connection of your clients more stable and can prioritize browsing speed. It will make the clients feel comfortable to sit on the table of the pc clients. For more details, let’s see the article video above!

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