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Solution Widget Problem on Blogger Template Artisteer
Have you experienced any widget sometimes will be shown and not shown at time? That means the widget that you insert to the gadget blog was unstable, especially for those of you who create template blog by artisteer. Actually every time you insert any widget to the html/javascript as a basic gadget that means you have added into the database blogger and will be called by the section widget to display the widget on your blog. It's so difficult for me to analyse what happen about some widget that was having problem. things like the section widget can not read the database widget code.

I would have thought the Blogger have a system that very tricky, the system complexity to serve a hug number database inside. When we use the template by self, have really understand about the entire system of blogger? I asked you the master template, why the blog template that was created by artisteer, can not accept all the widget? I couldn't really understand, what's wrong is it, But I must find the solution, to keep used my template that was created by artisteer.

This is going to be a risk for those who do not use standard template by blogger. Every time the problems that may founded you should think about the solution by yourself. But I will no regret for that using templates by artisteer, step by step we can learn. When you use the template blog by artisteer, there were some widgets that can not work as normally (unstable) or doesn't work at all. The widgets that usually in problem are Plusone button, Google CSE Search box, and the last one is recent comments widget. Recent comments widget will displayed cover up all of the template, if you add the recent comment widget is rendered on the gadget as usual to the template blog by artisteer.

I am very grateful if any somebody who can explain this problem. However, I can not wait so long. This is the alternative way about the problem solution Recent Comments that still allow you keep used such a recent comment widget, plus one button to the template blog by artisteer. Making div wrapper and div tag in the sidebar so that we no need the gadgets that unable to render widgets as well such a recent comment. One of the advantage use this method is the widget will rendered more faster than we put it use the gadget.

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and click Template>Edit HTML. On the script code of your template, put the css style script for the recent comment  at the end of skin, for more clearly go to the article recent comments widget here!

2 Go to the section sidebar widget of the template, press Ctrl+F inside script template and type "sidebar", press enter and enter again until you find the code like this.

Actually this section tag for the gadget sidebar where the widget code that you put through the gadget will rendered here. The css class that used has defined by artisteer to make a template blog. One of the things that you must to do is changing the section widget so that allow you to put div inside the sidebar. This is what have I done to modify and put the widget code in the sidebar. 

Insert div wrapper out of the section, and use css class that before used by the section tag, so that the section tag only use css id, look at the picture above!  The place where is you put the widget is inside the wrapper and out of the section. Explicitly between new <div> widget code <b:section> will be the widget at the top sidebar, or </b:section>widget code</div> will be the widget at the bottom sidebar.

  • art-layout-cell and art-sidebar1 is the css classes that now used by the new div wrapper, and section sidebar only use sidebar1 as css id, this was defined by artisteer. You must define css class depending on your template, if you not use template by artisteer.
  • <div class=’art-blockheader ‘><h3 class=’t’><h3></div> is for the block header of the widget sidebar, don’t  use it if you no need block header on your widget. But you must define it depending on block header style that you use before. For example Artisteer define block header any code like this
   background: #0059B2;
   padding:9px 7px;
   margin:0 auto;
adjust it until match with your template
  • art-extrablock is the css class that used as wrapper of  the new widget, in this case used by recent comments widget, I have been defined like this
   width: 320px;
   margin-left: 0px;
   margin-bottom: 7px;
Adjust it until match with your template! If you have done as well, the results will shown like the picture below! recent comments widget will displayed normally as we expected.
In this case we no need the html/javascript as a basic gadget on the blog.  The advantage to put any widget like this is the widget loaded more faster, but you must consider it when you want to change  the template at time. For more clearly, let’s see the following video! good luck!

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  1. I've been struggling with this for a while now, Google+ widgets just won't work in my Artisteer template, and oddly it makes some show duplicate content. I tried following your steps but I still cannot get it down, would you be able to help me at all?


    1. It seems difficult to tell it in detail. make a wrapper for the gadgets positions in the widget code, and then put the intention widget therein. After that you have to adjust the position of the new widget from the default widget position others, you must try to understand the css and html code of your template as whole.

  2. After much searching I've now got the widgets working perfectly. It turns out that that to use external javascript in widgets you must search for ' if (widgetContent.indexOf('') > -1) return true;' in the template, where you will find a list of acceptable urls for widgets. If you place each one in that list, changing the url each time to 'e.g.' it now works!

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