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Comparing QoS V5 and QoS V6 Mikrotik Router OS
I am writing this article to answer for many questions to this blog about the implementation Scripts QoS that so far I have made based on RouterOS with QoS Version 5. It is frequently asked from many agratitudesign visitors, that may also including you, It encourages me to find the answer into my experiment, so this is my noted here as the comparison of QoS V5 and QoS V6 on Mikrotik Router System.

I am going to explain, how the QoS is implemented to the RouterOS in Version 6. using in an experiment lab that contained the process upgrade and downgrade of the Mikrotik Router OS, so you can see as the comparison QoS from the previous version to the latest version in more details on this following lab video!

Mikrotik as the router that is very popular until this day and has been used extensively for many companies or individuals around the world. Mikrotik Router Operating System (ROS) is based on Linux System. The Latest version which has been in the release QoS ROS Version 6 today. Version 6 was made to enhance and improve the leakage system on QoS ROS Version 5, it is more powerful Router OS, effective and more easily to use.

The process to upgrade and downgrade Router System you can do it for your mikrotik router system byself. For example, if you now use QoS ROS V5 and want to upgrade into the QoS ROS V6 as the latest version system, you have to download RouterOS Version Package at first! select and download according to your mikrotik hardware series !

When you have finished to download the Version Package (routeros-mipsbe-6.27.npk), right click and copy that package file, open mikrotik winbox terminal and paste the package into the file list winbox as shown like the left picture below! After this we have already in updating the version package. Click System>Reboot, wait until the router was rebooted by itself after the upgrading process finished that may takes around 1 minute.

Now you can open your winbox again to look the changes on the router version system that now should be upgraded to QoS ROS V.6 that shown like the picture below! QoS Ros V6, there is the Quick Set feature that allow you to setup and configuring your system depending on your network more Easily and you can continue more with some adjustments as your network configuration.

For some other reason if you want to perform your network configuration using as the previous version system, and it has become your decision. Downgrade process you can do at any time you want in a way that is very easy as the upgrade process above.

For example I wan to go back to QoS Ros V5 after I have upgraded the routerOS in Version 6. To do that, download the downgrade Package as your router type as I mention above. You can move and drag the previous version  package file into the File List window as the left picture below! Then you must go to the packages system winbox by Clicking System >Packages, look at the right picture below!

One step more to downgrade your RouterOS when you want to go back to QoS Ros V5, you just need to click downgrade. Your routerOS will back to the previous version after downgrade process have finished and the router will rebooted by itself after downgrade process. I think this is not a difficult task, after this you need to adjust on your queue rules especially for the parent that depending on QoS RouterOS Version System.

Basic Comparison on QoS ROS V5 and QoS ROS V6


  • No specific queue for traffic to the router, global-in will process the traffic into the router and the traffic through the router
  • Two times queue processing (global-in and global out) for traffic through the router.
  • Queue tree – PCQ on parent interface – natted network, queue for uplink traffic does not work perfectly, because PCQ done after src-nat.
  • Src-address already changed to router ip address in src-nat. while pcq see only one src-address
  • Simple Queue – There are 2 type of target: target address and interface Desstination use only IP address (not interface), Same priority parameter for downlink and uplink


  • No more global-in and global-out, replaced by "global" located after the "input" and at global-out position
  • Simple Queue – queue is a specific process, located after "global", Target address and interface combined to "target", dst-address changed to "dst", can take IP address and also interface. Completely new algorithm, build in kernel, faster.
The improvement of queue tree rules is required especially when we have change the router system  from 5 to 6 version as the mikrotik routerOS, you can see the improvement completely on this video, so you can change your queue rules by yourself as the basic comparison QoS ROS Version. I suggest you to upgrade your router system in the latest version that available. Qos ROS V6 is the improvements version in mikrotik routerOS to build the network system that more stable and effective.

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