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 Creating Joomla Article Using JCE Extension Editor

After the category is completed you have made, it's time you will make the contents of the article which is the desired website that you want. Like in windows explorer you will make document file will we put in a directory or folder for easy search in our file management. In joomla cms system you will create articles that will you put in a specific category. This is useful to help you in joomla content management, and most importantly, users can find the desired articles through article grouping clearly.

Like files in a directory or folder, the article in a category not only contains text, images in it maybe you need for description to explain what you want to inform. There may also be a link, can be external or internal link of your website as a complement and reference articles that you will create. Not only that you may also need to include video in your article. And much more other things in making an article, so the article you created looks beautiful, clear and understandable.

Joomla comes with the article editor that allows you to write and compose an article as a professional such as Microsoft Word in Windows Operation, there is also as simple as notpad and wordpad. But here will explain how to create an article using JCE Editor.

JCE Editor is a very powerful Joomla extensions and complete with various types of tool that allows you to set the article are complete and easy (analogy, JCE - Joomla = Microsoft Word - Windows). Personally I prefer to use the editor then the other editors.
Look at the Picture above is a view of the JCE Editor that has many tools settings article. JCE Editor is a Joomla Component is non-commercial, but some other tools that are commercial. Commercial tool that is very pampering you in the process of making articles and attributes completely and quickly. Nevertheless, non-commercial tool can also be used for the same thing but with a longer path.

Complete Video Tutorial for creating joomla articles in the specific category

The Video above is a joomla article creation process in general and are often used and may represent your wishes in making Joomla content. Other things you can learn by yourself so you can be a professional programmer joomla sites.

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