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Management and Undertanding Category in Joomla CMS

In the process of making a website, content of website is a fundamental part of the website's existence. Content Articles that may consist of huge numbers. For huge articles number, management articles are necessary and important for manage and classify the articles make more structured not make confuse in manage. Therefore Category is the first thing we should plan in the process of creating Joomla content articles so we are more structured and easier to manage the articles.

The Analogues, Category = Folder in windows explorer where to put our articles. To create a category, you must first go through the website administrator. Once you are on the administration (see picture above) click Content> Category Manager will perform "Category Manager: Articles". Then click New (yellow + icon) will appear as shown below!
Fill the Title with the name of the category that you want, parent: no parent (see picture above) and then click save and close. The result is the right image above, there is any Uncategorised, delete it by pressing the Trash Button.

To create the following Main Category is the same like above, Click New, Title: as you want, Parent: no parent, the results see picture right above. Another thing to note, we just created is filled with Parent of Main Category is No Parent. For the next Main Category you create by yourself as needs.

Now how do we create a Sub Category. The Analogues, sub category = sub folder (in windows explorer). Click New again! Title: according to what you want, Parent: Main Category that you created earlier. Create a sub-category as you need in the same way, look at the picture below!

For create a Sub-Category in the other Main Category, The different is The Parent. You can create as you need. For example, see the picture below! Sub-category on the second Main Category.

Here I give you the illustration by the video to get your understanding about how to create and manage category in joomla site more clearly, let's take a look!

So here it can be concluded, that the category could be a main category, sub category, sub-sub-category and so on. Something else contained in the category manager is another attribute that you can learn later. For now just enough like that, if you have questions write a message here!

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