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My Article at this time motivated by someone who request because they lost moment in time of wedding, because they have very long marriage. They want to make photo memories of their marriage, while the photo the moment is gone, there are still only at the moment when her husband served as police staff. While the wedding moment his brother was still there. Well how do I use the facial manipulation in the photoshop that his wedding moment they both represent the moment.

Photoshop provides flexibility in the exploration, experiment and creativity. To make a facial manipulation like this, there are some tools and adjustment that can be used in the Photoshop. Here I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4. For other versions, it doesn't matter, not much different. In the process of the manipulation of face like this, there are somethings you need to understand and expertise in using.

1. Selection and Feather
You have to understand the selection image object which we will use to pick up a specific part of an image. There are various methods to make selection in photoshop. Here I choose the Pen Tool (P) to make the selection. You should be comfortable and able to understand the characteristics of the Pen Tool (P), you should frequently practice to be able to understand. After the Selection forms to smooth the edges of objects selection so that transition is not too sharp with the background or the layer below it. To give feather on the selection you can use Shift + F6, or Select > Modify > Feather on the Main Menu.

2. Mask Layer and Brush
Layer Mask is a cover that makes the foreground transparent to the background. Mask Layer are widely used to produce images more natural in feather transition of the image, The acting here is a brush with the various types. For more details look at the picture!

3. Lighting and Color Adjustment
Each image has a different color and lighting character. In the process of face manipulation to make more realistic and unified, we need to perform face character adjustment. Photoshop has many image adjustment system in order to get the character image matching. Your understanding of the adjustment will make the process of manipulation you are doing is more realistic. Click on the Main Menu Image> adjustments, here there is a lot of character image adjustment please give it a try. As an example let's look at the following video for all the process of facial manipulation of wedding picture.

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