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Retouching Image Light Naturally on Photoshop

Photoshop has a lot of settings in processing the image that allowing us to experiment with a variety of effects in order to get the result that we expect. Photoshop is Unlike other software that more instant. Photoshop gives us the flexibility to explore the field of image processing pixel. Therefore any variety of different methods can arise in its implementation, this depends on your experiment and exploration in pixel-based image processing.

Perhaps some people have to say to increase Image Light is a simple thing. For me is very sensitive thing. If a long time and often use in the processing of your images will be very sensitive in seeing the picture lighting. There is a bright picture but looks less attractive, there is also a picture that looks so contrasting and striking. But it depends on the final destination of the image processing purpose.

Here I will show you the method of getting exposure and a color depth of the image. In general, the resulting images from digital cameras to give the impression image so flat or less expressive. So Increased lighting not only makes the picture brighter by increasing the lighting level, because in that way we lose the depth of color. This is about your understanding of the pixel-based image processing.

Look at the picture above! I have a picture with beautiful coastal landscapes taken during the day, but because something less skill in taking pictures and also digital cameras that still looks like a less simple lighting. I want to make it lighter so it seemed more exposure. Here I use multiply effect to produce a visible image colors in natural light without sacrificing much depth of color. Because the low colors make the picture seem shallow flats.

Blending color is applied to produce deepnes colors so get the impression woke image or exposure. First duplicate the lmain ayer so that it becomes two layer (see picture above) in the top layer apply the Soft Light blending colors, while the image brightness and contrast will be impressed. To reduce the contrast of my image i am using Curves Adjustments, press the menu tab Image> Adjustments> Curves or by pressing Ctrl + M will look like the image below to get the desired brightness.
If the color of the image still looks too flashy, you adjust the colors using adjustment Hue / Saturation Adjustment, on the menu tab press Image> Adjustments> Hue Saturation or by pressing Ctrl + U will look like the image below.
Decreasing the saturation value to get a natural color as you wish. So the adjustments setting do at the layer above or duplicate layer. In this way I get a better color brightness and more natural. Have a trying and Good luck!

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