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The Concept to Create Graphic Design Works

In the terms of computerization, graphic design can be divided into two parts, that is a Vector Design and a Pixel Design, which is related with the software that used to create a graphic design. Vector design is a design that consists with the objects that are formed by the processing line based. While the pixel design is a design that consists with the objects of the pixel that are formed by the processing of image pixel based.

In the terms of the printing services, vector design means a design that is not affected when we make change of the size of the object that we have made, against the quality results of the printings, in other words vector design independent with the resolution or pixel. Therefore there is flexibility when we want to shrink or make change with the size of the objects vector design at any time as you wish. The software that classified with the vector design such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Adobe In Design, etc.

Pixel design in the printing services is a design which very depends with the pixel resolution, if we make change the size of the object will affect with the quality results of  the of the objects of pixel design. This means we are limited and must be careful when make a changes or to shrink the objects arbitrarily. For example if you have any photo image with the resolution of the pixel, and you have make changes the size to smaller is no problem. But at any time if you need the size of the photo to the bigger again will be any variation color of the pixel is loss, and finally decrease of the quality of the photo that you have changed, in other words the image color is not solid again. The software that classified with the pixel design such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Corel Photopaint, etc.

The process implementation a graphic design using any software, graphic design work are distinguished by the emphasis of graphic design work effectiveness in applying a graphic design. such as design pixel based, design illustration based, and design layout based. The third kind of the graphic design to be the intention of the software character in the process of making graphic design works effectively that you can understand the effectiveness between design based and software base.

Software with pixel based have the intentions to the process of making image pixel in detail and natural. The software is support to make a photo image processing with detail coloring pixel effects is very powerful. The software that classified in this term are Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Corel Photopaint.

Software illustration based have the intentions to the process of making animated images illustration. This software established with reliability in making animated object such as clip art, logo, and other objects with vector base. This software is very powerful to make animated object vector in detail and complexity. The software that classified in this term are Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand.

Software layout based have the intentions to the process of making the layout design in large number and require many page inside, Software illustration based have limited in this processing, if you continue the power of the software will be down. Therefore there are any software having more power full in this case with the ability to make designs that consist of many pages, such a making design of a books or magazines. The software that classified in this term are Adobe Pagemaker, QuarkXPress and Adobe Indesign.

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