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Basic Understanding of Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the communication forms through the visual media that have made effectively. The visual media could be the form of any texts or images component, but basically they are the same, because text is the part of the image form. Text formed by a letter, the letter is formed by a symbol that already have changes in the evolution in the very long time, along with the history of human culture and art.
Texts and images are two components of graphic design that have a different function but  complementary each other in order to give any information for any purpose. Text gives a more explicit communication and detail in line with the history of language, while the images provide implicit communication that sometimes have a wide meaning. So the analogy is text to be an arrow, image to be the arc while the text itself to be arrow of the arc.

The development of graphic design is certainly influenced with the history of human culture and lifestyle. Graphic design that was originally made by manually, then progressing to use any tools that is still simple, to use more sophisticated tools. Until now the discipline of graphic design is heavily dependes on progressing in computer software. In the world of computer, graphics design many experienced rapid development, in line with developments in technology.

In the process of making a work of graphic design there are many aspects that contribute to producing a quality work. Imagination and a sense is a nerves of the value of the art we have, then the ability or skill in the casting process into a visual media, including typography skills, skills to make illustration, and image processing, including the ability in the field of photography, and layout .

Today the application of graphic design in the computer of the world has developed so rapidly in line with the innovation and sophistication in a computerized world. Graphic design software is very diverse which seeks to facilitate all abilities latent within us. So people who have little visual skills will be honed through using computer software. Surely that is needed is a skill to master techniques of graphic design software. Graphic design software skills and visual skills to manual will complement each other to create a great graphic design.

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