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 Perspective Understanding of Web Design
Web Design is the creating of design works a media to give the information in a network-based display. In the process of creating Web Design, it involves the ability of Graphic Design and the scripts programming in order to give the information display that complete, structured, interesting and easy to understand through the world network so that the user in the world can get the information as well. Web Design oriented with the screen display on the web browser. Graphic Design usually used in the process of creating a web design works as the element about the pixel-based. It is rather different graphic works in Graphic Design always refer to the dimensions "mm, cm, inches". But using graphic design as the element of web design you must always consider the dimensions in the pixel size as part of  web design optimization.

Web Design has the rules more than graphic design, there are a lot of optimization here. Even if possible must use graphic element only as necessary, you must more tricks to the scripts to make effect and color. If the use of graphic you feel necessary, by using scripts code you optimizing the pixel of graphic design element that use automatically, so loading of you website is not taking a long time.  For example if you want to use texture of the background, it is more better using repetition that you setup from the script, so the texture image as a graphic element can be made in the small pixel size.

The other element of web design that may used is the video design works. Video files will obviously take the biggest memory of your hosting and the bandwidth internet connection. You are simply require the optimization of the video that will displayed on the Web Web Design works. Put the Video files  on your hosting place will spend a lot of space. Therefore if you have space on hosting is limited, you can put the video files on famous video hosting that is free, and offer you much advantage. So if you want to start learning web design as a graphic designer, you have to expanding your insight and understanding in terms of dimensions. However the taste as a graphic designer can be useful and needed to make a web design work more interesting.

The basic or foundation to make a web design project you must think about how to make the template. Step by step you must understand about HTML and CSS scripts code to make the display of your wen design better. If static web design is not enough for you, must be prepare to learn MySql database programming, it is closely associated with the third programming to make dynamic web design that allow you to manage the data file web that frequently changes and increased at one time, that is  PHP, ASP and the like. Understanding about HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and ASP more then enough to make the result Web Design Work more better. The other else about the script code web design programming that most used that can help you to make a beautiful web design is Javascript with Jquery.

The scripts programming in the building of a web design is a little bit strange and complicated for the beginner and make most them discourage his desire because so afraid with the scripts programming. The master of the scripts programming want to help you to give such a bridge that can help you to understand how to build the web design. For example many kind Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and the like that can help you to realize what you desired. If CMS still difficult for you, there is Blogger, even now there is a google site. Here you just need to understand the general system how to insert the content inside the website. So it is not even necessary understanding about the script code programming, but step by step if you always see, the uderstanding about script code will occur itself. But it doesn't matter we must started from where you  can understand. So never desperate to learn web design!

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