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Install WebServer on Windows 7 to launch Website Locally
The first thing I thought to be a basic in order to display a website to the browser is about web server on the local computer at first before launching as online on the internet. Web server must be installed at first where the file of your website will be placed to the particular directory on the local webserver. Even you have plan just for a while to display on browser without internet connection. One of the webserver that easy to use, famous and powerful is called WampServer. WampServer is a web server in  the Windows-based. Wamp Server included with some web applications such as Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database that to be triad party in one package to a manage and organize so that your website can be displayed on the browser.  In this i will show how to install Wamp Server especially into the microsoft windows 7.

For other version windows that you may used, I think is so different compared with the proses installing in Windows 7. Personally I am more familiar using WampServer and this free software is very stable, have a comprehensive panel setting and easy to understood. The software application of WampServer you can download here for free because it is open source software. There are any specification there, but in this case I use WampServer (32 bits & PHP 5.3) 2.2E, It is better if system of your computer equipped with Visual C + + 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package x86 or x64 to stabilize your windows operation system.

Ok let's get started! After you have download above application, we can prepare for the process installation. Just double click the file of  WampServer application and then will show like the picture below. Let's see the picture for the process installation of wamp server. Just do like the installation process as usual for the installing software ! adjust with my picture below!

There are some confirmation in the process installation, such a default browser confirmation, here I use firefox as default browser, just click yes. if you are using Windows 7 you will found a warning here for the windows firewall, click allow acces, then you click finish.

Until this step, the process the installation of WampServer is completed installed to your windows operation system. Check any task bar on the right bottom at the corner of your windows screen, It will be any WampServer icon that may still running on your system, until change to be green color which means WampServer runs perfectly. If the icon of WampServer  your computer is still red color or yellow, that means your windows system is not perfect or there are applications that hinder the running process of WampServer.

The most causes that makes problem of WampServer to the windows operation system is because of port 80 already in use by another application, or you maybe accidentally you have install IIS on windows 7 that use the port 80. If the icon of WampServer on your computer is green, That means WampServer is running correctly. Just to test, type on your browser http://localhost/phpmyadmin/. The result as shown like picture above, in this step the installation webserver on Windows 7 have finished, good luck!

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  1. I am getting one problem. When I start all services of the software, it shows "2 of 3 services are running". Can you please help me?

    Crish Watson
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