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Creating Memories Photo Design with Photoshop
You want to create Memories photos like this? This photo was designed at the request of my brother who recently found his girlfriend after a long time no have a girlfriend. So happy his heart that desire makes a photo that look more beautiful designs than before, because the photo is not taken by a professional photographer already.

Limitations in taking the background and techniques as well as expertise in taking a photograph is to be a deficiency which makes the results seem amateurish. Especially with the digital cameras that the price is more affordable to all. Even a child can take photos even in small ways already

The something less in taking the picture, techniques can be learned, but the moment be missed just like that. It is therefore often find a photo that looks amateurish but the moment is the most important thing we can not be taking back. And finally photo taken with us just remain immortalized in a photo album of us.

In this situation, as the request of my brother, and he want to replace the original background was not comfortable viewing a background with flowers and shades that more romantic which at that time did my brother is in falling in love who wish to perpetuate the time of courtship.

Using with Adobe Photoshop and adobe Illustrator we can make it different from the previous photo. So the photo above is a photo that manipulation with customized background picture with the object itself, which is people who are dating.

The most important thing here is how you can use an instrument that has been provided in Illustrator and photoshop or other software that may you can use, with them we can combine to create design as we expected. It could even be a design that is more beautiful than we originally expected. Therefore, understanding software and your own taste I suppose that can be as spoons and forks so they can make the heart happy with themselves.

If hunger we get treated to a delicious meal, our hearts through the eyes can be satisfied by looking at beautiful design, which will give the impression of deep satisfaction to perpetuate the memories of the happiest of our lives. Hopefully you can evoke sensitivity especially in creating a Memories photo design.

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