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Design Desk Calendar for Wedding Souvenir
The graphic design work with the wedding theme and romantic nuance have made in the form of a desk calendar. The desk calender for the weddings souvenir contains with calendar in the year 2013 which is equipped with the big feast and Indonesia's national day and some of the special day in Bali which usually to be a reference of the Balinese to celebrate ceremony, ritual and tradition. Actually Bali has many ritual day, to remember the most feast in Bali poured in a special desk calender.

Bali itself has a calendar system that was called "wewaran", the system astronomy that was made ​​by our ancestors. The influence of the position stars and planets in the solar system to the life on earth. To reduce the negative influence from the astronomy science in Bali (wewaran), the people in Bali perform the ritual ceremony that associated with wewaran. Therefore many ritual ceremony have a lot of belief that being a tradition that inherited from the inheritor. The desk calendar that I was made with the balinese style complete with the holiday associated with wewaran in Bali that was simplified to remind the ritual ceremony day.

Desk Calendar Design for Wedding Souvenir in order to make the wedding as a memorable moment, to make the fondest memories to the bride and groom when entered the marriage. At least this moment we are still going to feel in a calendar year. The design of the Desk Calendar also completed with words of wisdom of the principles in life to walk away the marriages, which is not always sweet as we are imagined. There is a dark past and bright of the future, any bitter and sweet of the moments. With the power of love and the deep principle of life, may the moment would be the last wedding in the journey of our life in the world, which will be a memory to the family and our relatives.

However a graphic design work has represent of my sense and character. Such a signature is never the same of one person to another. Taste and style can be changed in line with the principle that developed over time, but the basic character remains the same if you are more sensitive.

For those of you who want to make a desk calendar design as souvenir in the event such an important moment like a wedding, I hope this design can be an inspiration for you to create the design that more unique, interesting and beautifull. Finaly I would like to say Congratulations pour your inspiration and identity, nice work and here is Desk Calendar Design for Wedding Souvenir .. congratulations!

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