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Creating Water Splash Effect using Photoshop

To create a graphic design work required patience and diligence in exploring all potential secrets and tricks that may never been thought before. Sometimes we should not just to follow the example that was given. you must understand the concept in order to create some other effects on the photoshop. So that when you create any effect by yourself to be more flexible when you apply, according with your graphic design work.

I will introduce you one more effect that I think is quite interesting. As the picture above, the effect of the water splashes on the surface of the field, and also the text that customize the same effect. There are two point to be note here. The first how to adjust the effect on the photoshop, the Second how to create random pattern of  splash naturally.

The splash pattern can be created manually, by drawing (it could be spend a lot of time). The other method you can use a brush pattern, and it could be a way that you think it is easier and more fast to create the pattern. For now I will show you how to create a splash pattern using a filters.

1. On the Photoshop open the image that you will give an effect splashes, then create a new file by click File> New, adjust the dimensions same with image that we will give an effect. As shown below click on the menu tab, Filter> Noise> Add Noise, which we will make a noise pattern. For more details look at the picture!

2. Furthermore makes splash pattern of image noise, click on the tab menu Filter> Artistic> Sponge, set the value as shown the picture below!

3. After the pattern is formed, then we make a selection on the black part. Here I use the Magic Wand Tool (W). Formed the selection is still rough. Click on Tab menu Select> Modify> Smooth, Fill Smooth Selection input value !

4. Then create a new layer, where we will put the fill color which we will use to establish the pattern of splashes. insert the black Selection is still active. For more details see the pictures!

5. Move the layer we just created, layer into the top of the image that we want to give the effect, drag it and then align center for covering the image. See the picture below!

6. Activate the layer that contains the splash form give the value of fill 0%, we will begin to form a water splash effect, click the fx icon at the bottom of the layers tab.

7. Fx adjust his style settings as shown below. Effects (fx) which provided herein is Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, and Bevel and Emboss.

8. The next step to create the text on a new layer, apply effects fx we just created into the text that we want. So that the text looks more clear, give the layer mask on the form that we make the first splash.

I think it's pretty obvious from the pictures that I have provided, if you have questions please write message below! thank you!

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