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Creating Painting Effects Using Photoshop
There are many techniques in the making a photo to be like a painting on the canvas as the picture above. The different method give a different impression to the final result in the proses of creating the painting effects using Photoshop. Despite of all something less of this effect, I hope this method can be inspired for those of you who have intention to make a painting style from a photo.

If you interested, let’ get started how to create painting effects on the photoshop from the close up photo that you having and making it looks like the painting on the canvas. 

1. Open any close-up photo that will be given the effect of painting and we started by creating the new layer fill it with the light gray color. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, look at the picture below!

2 The second is creating the pattern fill layer, choose the canvas pattern style, and give the blending color :  Soft Light on this layer. Look at the picture below!

3. Duplicate the background layer, move to the top layer. After that give the filter effect : glowing edges on this layer. Adjust the value until you get  glowing edges are balanced. Invert the glowing edge color by pressing Ctrl+I and make it to be gray color with adjustment layer : desaturate by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U. Look at the picture below!

4. Duplicate the background layer again, move to the top layer, use adjustment desaturate to change to be gray. Adjust the contrast and give the noise filter to make painting effects more realistic. And then use blending color : color burn on the layer.  After that give a mask layer in that and  fill with solid black color to hide the layer at first. Look at the picture below!

5.  If you want to make the painting effects with the color, duplicate the background layer, move to the top layer and give the blending color : overlay. The layer will be given the same mask layer with the sweeping brush like we have done on the noise layer.

6. Set  the brush pattern as dry media brushes and adjust the sweep pattern brush as well to make a good sweeping impression on the mask layer.

7. Make sure the foreground color on photoshop is white and Use the brush tool to sweep on the mask layer with a solid black at first. After you make the sweeping brush on an object that you wish, copy the layer mask on the overlay and glowing edges layer. Ctrl+click on the layer mask, the selection will be occur, select on the overlay layer and click the mask icon at the bottom. Do it the same on the glowing edges layer. Look at the picture below!

You can adjust the opacity of glowing edges and pattern fill layer to create the painting effect more realistic. I Think is clear enough, to improve your understanding let’s see the following video. Good luck!

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