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Facebook like box on blog and joomla

Facebook is a social media that is very familiar and famous that until now to be a number one site rank by alexa. In order increase the traffic of your blog or website, we could not refuse about this one social media. For that facebook also wants to make a relationship with us as the owner of a blog or website by offering one of the plugin from by facebook developer such a facebook like box.

To insert facebook like box into the blog or website, we need to create an account of facebook like box at first, after that we shall go to the facebook like box plugin depelover and get the script code in that. Ok let's get started.

1. Create facebook like box account that will connect to our blog our website. Click here to sign up and get facebook like box account of yours. It looks like the picture below!

On Create a Page option select one of them according the type of blog or website. You can choose another option here, it doesn't have to follow what I choose in this step, maybe you want to choose Brand or Product. this is just description about the page that you will create, the general step of the process in making account of the facebook like box .

In this case I choose Cause or Community, then you enter the description of your account and the address of your blog or website to be associated. upload the logo of your facebook like box account. On add to favorites  window just click next, then skip on reach more people (you can setup later). In this step you already have a facebook like box account, then can you manage yourself like a facebook account as usual.

2. Adjust the display of facebook like box and take the script code from there so that can be displayed on the blog or website.

For that you can click here or you type on the browser to enter facebook like box plugin developer, will appear as shown below.

By default the url of the like box shown like this, Changes FacebookDevelopers by the id of your accounts like box. For example From the browser when i open my page of like box on facebook, the url shown like this 451131721572773 is my id like box. Then adjust the size, color, border and facebook like box display attributes else that match to the template of yours. If you want to follow my settings, please! If you are finished press on Get Code button. You will be given javascript and plugins script code.

Any notice here :
Javascript is the common script code. Place this code just below the opening body tag on your template script. If you are using a blog, parse this code at first. If you are using joomla as your website system, it does not need to be parsed code, just place directly below the opening body tag of index.php. While the plugin is the script code that you can place it in a particular position on your template.

You can parse the code to this site !

3. Insert the facebook like box script code to the blog or joomla site
Facebook Like Box on Blogger

Like the pictures above, the javascript code by facebook which is parsed and placed below the opening body tag in html template blog, and then plugin code of facebook like box placed in the Configure HTML/javascript on the gadget blog.

Facebook Like Box on Joomla Website

Javascript code from facebook without require to be parsed, directly places into the index.php template used. While the plugin code of facebook like box is placed into any module position of a custom html module type of the joomla template used. If you not so clearly, please see this article video! good luck!

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