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The Death Ceremony Ngaben and Mukur in Bali

Birth, life and death are the cycle of existence of life in the world. The sadness, cries, happiness and pleasure come and go. We can hope, pray and seek but the destiny will not change in our hands. Even with supreme power there are somethings that can not be controlled. What is the difference between the efforts and destiny, as the human that has many weakness I have not seen so clear. Somethings that you have build with your efforts will be destroyed together with the death. This is the description of Balinese people addressing the meaning reflected through customs and culture that may little bit difference in other regions in Bali.

Spirit of solidarity and mutual help, sharing about joys and sorrows are still looked especially in bali which reflected by local community that was called banjar. But what is looked from a distance is not necessarily the same as what we see in the near distance. What is written is not necessarily implied. But despite all this is the life that we ​​live, which ended in coffins that was called bade.

After the Dead bodies arrived home of the family, banjar community will gather to prepare facilities and infrastructure ceremony of the death. There is any change in the tendency of society to carry out the death ceremonies in Bali. Formerly the Dead bodies will be buried before finally burned/cremated. But now people especially for hindus in Bali have a tendency to perform ceremonies of the death with cremation, especially for Bali modern society. Like our family here, in customs and culture of village tuka, Dalung, north of Kuta, at Badung regency in Bali.

While waiting for a good day for the cremation ceremony that was called ngaben, people would gather interchangeably with the intention that the bereaved family was not feeling so sad and lonely. Especially at the night the banjar comunity are scheduled got late nights waiting for the Dead bodies that will be cremated that was called megebagan. The dead bodies will be in place in the place that was called Bale Dangin, made ​​places and conditions so that the dead bodies not so quickly decompose, until the day that the dead bodies will be washed before being taken to the coffins that was called Bade.

The Bade used to carry the dead bodies to cemetary before finally burned together with the dead bodies. Such ceremonies are quite expensive cost Therein lies economic status of the person who died. If the person who died of a rich family and and have a caste would look more majestic. The Bade is a place where the dead bodies will then be taken to Cemetary followed by family and society of banjar. When will the departure and there was a procession cremation there is any ceremony led by someone from a brahmin caste that was called Ida Bagus. It will be different in each of the region depends on the customs and social caste society.

After arriving at the cemetery, The dead bodies will put on a main combustion, and then the bade on the others will be burned in place at the cemetery. At this time the dead bodies burning ceremonial procession led by Ida Bagus. The Atmosphere of emotion began to be felt from the family left behind. For the last time to see the bodies in its entirety. And Finally that the dead bodies would be burned so that all the elements of the bodies that come from returning to the sphere of peaceful nature. Cremation runs approximately 1 until 2 hours.

Upon completion bodies burned, the ashes placed in a spot. Bodies which had burned but the soul is still there, made ​​a symbolically that was called sawa. In our belief sawa is symbolic of the soul in the symbol of the new body. Then consecrated by the highest holy man of our tradition that was called Siwa Brahmana.

After all the procession of cremation is completed, the ceremony continued with bringing the sawa to the beach where the ashes and other means of cremation ceremony thrown into the sea. There is a belief here, that the soul after ngaben ceremony will undergo a period of devotion to God as Sang Hyang Varuna, the ruler of the sea for a while until the ceremony memukur arrived.

Ngaben ceremony like this has spent a lot of money. Therefore the families left behind still have to raise funds, until such time as the family truly ready financially, becouse of the final ceremony like mukur will spend a lot of money too, especially in south Bali. Communities of bali can hold a joint ceremony mukur, so the cost is in the family becomes lighter.

This is the mass of mukur ceremony that held in Griye. Griya is the home of Brahmin's family, descendants of the sacred In the old times that considered competent to led the sacral ceremony such a mukur. The soul while there is still in the sea that Devoted to Sang Hyang Varuna will be picked up the shore and then taken to the place of mukur will held, will be purified and prayed by each families.

Still in the process of mukur ceremony, then the sawa of each family will prayed to the big temples in Bali. Therefore mukur in some region called nyegara gunung which mean to the beach and to the mountains. The Fomaus and big temples is usually located in the mountain area, like Besakih temple. But this is depending on local customs and tradition.

After sawa purified, and then until the end of the ceremony that was called pralina or melting in the middle of the night. It is intended that all memory during his life erased and re-fresh and not burdened with the memory of the past. And was enshrined in the family temple as usual called merajan as ancestral soul who can protect his family. There is a belief here the soul that now called sang pitara can protect their descendants and the next will be reincarnation to be children of ours. This is the cycle of death, birth and life again to be a different person.

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