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Otonan Ceremony with Shadow Puppet Show in Bali

Bali possess a culture and traditions inherited hereditarily is closely related to beliefs about reincarnation and ancestor. The Sea water evaporates into clouds, saturated clouds fall to be rain. Rain flowing through the river and end back into the sea. Based on the cycle in the journey of course there are parts of them is lost and it does not return to the sea. But of course the parts of them that lost still in the universe. Bali ancestral traditions is making the cycle to flow as well. However, this still depends on what have we done and the destiny.

Otonan is the process of cleansing the soul of a newborn, take a new form, started life in the world stage. With the otonan ceremony expected the soul that just started the new life aged 210 days or 6 months pawukon, to be free from all consequences of possible actions in previous lifetimes. So that the child is fresh from any bad influences, and live a life without the burden of the past of the soul.

The child who are aged exactly 210 days to be an important moment in the celebration of otonan ceremony of his/her life at the age. However, 6 months later otonan still remain to be done but just as a celebration, and gratitude as a birthday within 6 month period. Otonan ceremony in the age of 210 days, the families usually ask to the person who are considered knew and trusted about the past of the child, and what to include in the ceremony otonan like this. In this otonan ceremony the soul of the child she asked to make the Shadow Puppet Show to be free from the negative influence of her past. Indeed, in the otonan ceremony like this, the Shadow Puppet Show often is implemented for the redemption of the soul of the child.

The Shadow Puppet Show performed by a puppeteer who are called dalang. Dalang already have taksu in staging Shadow Puppet story. The story that performed by dalang is taken from a part of the itihasa story such as Ramayana or Mahabharata. But the story could be asked of the families about a part of story that performed by dalang. Here dalang must be really mastered the whole story of The Shadow Puppet Show, and dalang do it all by simultaneous.

The preparation of the shadow puppet show by dalang is assisted by someone that was called pengayah at behind him, and at least 2 persons who play the music that was called gender, to accompany the show. The Shadow Puppet Show now is done at afternoon toward evening, the time is called Sandikala. The Shadow Puppet Show to be the last this part of the process of otonan ceremony of my nephew.

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