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Fix Problem Number of Posts on Main Page Blogger

Have you ever experience problems, when you have determined the number of posts on main page for example 6 posts on configure blog posts, it turns out that appearing on the main page or home page of your blog Just 5,4,3 or maybe a little more than we should expect that appear on your blog? Surely you are wondering what was wrong from the configure blog post that you have setup, so the setup has done with no effect on the display of main page or home page of your blog. Though the main page is the first page of your blog that seen by visitors.

The problem happened because of a misunderstanding we make a system in which no standard again by automatic readmore of blogger system. In this case I have made the display of posts style with thumbnails readmore Summary using javascript to setup thumbnail and readmore summary fragment so that it looks more attractive and effective.

In the process of making the system of thumbnail readmore summary of the post articles, we do not need to give a page break to cut or make readmore when we write articles, because it has been managed by the javascript function itself. The problem is the blogger system itself does not recognize the system optimization by thumbnail readmore summary that we have made.

Blogger has a limitation in the system in displaying the number of articles on the main page, of course this is the intention that the blog main page is not heavy. When you didn't create a page break or jump break, the blogger system by default will consider the articles that we displayed entirely in main page. The longer and many pictures on each articles that you have made, the post articles on your main page will soon be affected with the limitation of blogger system. This is the causes the problem of unable to manage number of main page posts on blog.

In order to fix the problem the number of posts on main page Blogger, the solution is giving a page break or jump break every time we make the articles on the first paragraph end on each articles. By default giving a page break in the articles will display fragmentary or summary of the articles with readmore indication on the page break that have been given​​. Meanwhile the system of thumbnail readmore summary has taken the function at first. So the page break is only for beheading that blog system did not indicate the entire contents of the articles in the main page display of your blog. .

Giving the page break on every time you create the articles, allows you to be able to set the number of posts on main page of the configure blog posts setup if you use auto readmore. If any something that you don't so clear, let's see the above article video!

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  3. Though the main page is the first page of your blog that seen by visitors. on the main page

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