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Motion Clip and Animation Footages I have created as raw material collections of the art video works that I have just made by learning of videography or filmmaker and animation. I am very excited to improve the skills and taste in graphic and motion art. So at this page I would like to show you some of the video footages that most inspired by Shutterstock Footages which is give me much experience in order to make graphic motion art. This page is a media collections of clip video footages to practice my skill in shutting and editing of the video. Mastering video editing software becomes a very important thing. For me I love to use adobe software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition to make clip video and footages looks more interesting and professional.

As a newcomer In the field of Photography and Videography I need to practice more and more. If you want to know more about my portfolio, this is my portfolio page on Photos. and for the original my video footages itself most I put it a lot as Shutterstock Footages.

My video collection bellow as clips and footages with the resolution "1080p HD". I take this video using only with iPhone Camera, as video materials or elements that may required by someone in film video production. The most topic of  my clips and animations is about the nature, park or garden, outdoor and culture, and will be updated automatically from my youtube channel, and lets take a look and have a great day to you all!

This is the best collection of the original agratitudesign shutterstock art and nature special footages, Camera used: iPhone, Video Editing Software Used: Adobe After Effect CC.

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