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Motion Clip and Animation Footages I have created as raw material collections of the art video works that I have just made by learning of videography or filmmaker and animation. I am very excited to improve the skills and taste in graphic and motion art. So at this page I would like to show you some of the video footages that most inspired by Shutterstock Footages which is give me much experience in order to make graphic motion art. This page is a media collections of clip video footages to practice my skill in shutting and editing of the video. Mastering video editing software becomes a very important thing. For me I love to use adobe software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition to make clip video and footages looks more interesting and professional.

As a newcomer In the field of Photography and Videography I need to practice more and more. If you want to know more about my portfolio, this is my portfolio page on Photos. and for the original my video footages itself most I put it a lot as Shutterstock Footages.

My video collection bellow as clips and footages with the resolution "1080p HD". I take this video using only with iPhone Camera, as video materials or elements that may required by someone in film video production. The most topic of  my clips and animations is about the nature, park or garden, outdoor and culture, and will be updated continuously from my youtube channel, and lets take a look and have a great day to you all!

Video Music Clips
Video Footages
Video Documentations
Video Animations
Video Life Reflections
Dramatic Color Sunset Beach Scenery Of Batu Bolong At Canggu Village Bali
Ulun Danu Bratan Famous Balinese Hindu Temple With Beautiful Mountains Lake In The Morning
Plants And Flowers In The Fields In The Dry To Rainy Transition Season
Tropical Fishing Beach Scenery In Dry Season At Seririt Village North Bali Indonesia
Rural Fishing Beach Ecology In The Dry Season At Seririt Village Buleleng North Bali Indonesia
Natural Scenery Rural Fishing Beach Of Tangguwisia Village Seririt North Bali Indonesia
Beautiful Early Morning Scenery At The Beach Of Seririt Village, Buleleng, North Bali, Indonesia
Observing Farmlands With Chicken Livestock In A Dry Season After Harvest At The Village
Jukung Traditional Paddle Canoe And Beratan Lake Water Scenery At Bedugul Bali
Natural Motion Wild Beach Plants And Flowers By The Beach At Umeanyar Village
Silhouette Walking People At Sunset Beach Of Batu Bolong Temple At Tanah Lot Tabanan Bali Indonesia
Motion Plants Purslane Portulaca Oleracea Blown By The Wind In The Garden Of The House
Natural Scene Coconut Trees Blown By The Wind With Sunshine In The Dry Season At The Field
Motion Plants Of Ipomoea Pes caprae By The Beach Wind At Pemuteran North Bali Indonesia
Motion Leaves Of Caesalpinia Pulcherrima In The Sunny Windy Day At The Field
Motion Leaves Of Averrhoa Bilimbi Or Cucumber Tree Blown By The Wind At The Field Of The Village
Bungan Sandat Serasi Dance In The Opening of Tanah Lot Art Food Festival 2018
Monkeys and Natural Habitat at Pulaki Beach Region North Bali Indonesia
The Part of Balinese Ritual Ceremony Caru Rsi Gana and Mendem Pedagingan
Monkeys Came Down From The Tree Branch At Pulaki Temple Region North Bali
Climbing Coconut Trees In The Plant Field
Cutting A Bunch Into A Hand Of Bananas By The Farmer
Natural Motion Under Sea Water With Sun Rays On The Seabed Animation
Christmas And New Year Greeting With Growing Vines Flourishes Christmas Tree And Falling Snowflakes
Snowy Christmas Tree Light And New Year 2019 Greeting Animation Background And Alpha
Cigarette Smoke And Embers Animation With Motion Smoke Alpha Channel
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Animation With Separated Background Outer Space Starry Sky
Seamless Loop Cloudscape In The Clear Blue Sky With Sunshine Animation And Alpha Channel
Grow And Blow In The Wind Flowers And Leaves Of Sweet Pink Magnolia Plant With Alpha Channel
View Of Spiral Shape Of The Galaxy Milky Way In Space Of The Universe
Never Live in Vengeance of The Heart In Our Life
Meaning of Unsuccessful in Life
Perfection of the Life is how you bring peace to the people

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