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This page will be the collection about what I have learned through practice the art and nature in Graphic, Photography and Vector Design. It would be the special page of Graphic Photography and Vector Design works collected as the Images Gallery. This page as medium for me in order to collect, share, and show of our works in the field of Graphic Design and Photography. Photography and Graphic Design has much relationship, one another will complement each other. I think having a good knowledge and experience in the field of Graphic Design and Photography will produce a better masterpiece, to make more creative works that will not become such a boring things.

Photography is the knowledge that combining the science and art become one which is needs your taste, sensitivity, and techniques in order to take the images from your camera to make it look professional. Photography itself can not be learned just from the theory. But it should through practicing which will hone our expertise. I hope my exercise in Photography and Vector Design can inspire you or just as a comparison for you as my hoby and make it the art works better and better more. That's all I can say thanks for the attention, feel free to explore my lesson works as the Art and Nature of Photography and Vector Design as Images Gallery, have a good day!

Roystonea Regia (Palem Raja) Fruit Tree
Frangipani, Plumeria, Kamboja, or Jepun In The Garden
Adenium Obesum, Jepun Jepang, or Kamboja Jepang Flower Plant
Tall Weeds With Yellow Flowers The Farm Field
Manggo Banana Coconut Tree In Farm Field
Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius (Suweg) Plant In The Farm Field
Garden In Santi Graha Seririt Hospital
Roystonea Regia (palem Raja) In Santi Graha Seririt Garden
Lotus Flower Plant Pond in Front Of Buddhist Statue
Garden with Water Fountains Brahmavihara Arama North Bali
Ashoka Plant Along The Road Brahmavihara Arama
Roystonea Plants (Palem Raja) in The Garden
Farm Land Scenery with Coconut Tree and Rice Seedling
Terrace Farming Landscape At Ringdikit Village North Bali Indonesia
Terrace Rice Field Landscape At Ringdikit Village North Bali Indonesia
Watering Paddy Field Landscape
Umeanyar Beach Scenery In The Morning, North Bali Indonesia
Fisherman Are Fishing In The Middle Of The Sea Beach
Pagoda And Vajra Building At Brahmavihara Arama Monastery
Buddhist Altar, Gold Buddha Statue At Brahmavihara Arama
Pagoda Building At Brahmavihara Arama
Interior Room Of Pagoda Building Brahmavihara Arama
White Buddha Statue At The Brahmavihara Arama Monastery
The Hall Of The Brahmavihara Arama Monastery, North Bali
Flourishes floral elements Purple Night Vector Design
Peaceful Beach Scenery Vector Design
Beautiful Lotus Flower Buds in the Pond Vector Design
Lonely Rabbit in The Hill Plant Tree Scenery Vector Design
Goddess Sarasvati Balinese Style Vector Design
Maduwe Karang Temple Decoration Balinese Style Vector Design
Land Preparation Agriculture Plowing Rice Field
Plowing Rice Field with tractor machine
Method Of Farmland Preparation In Crop Production
Selfie Resting in The Garden Path Brahmavihara Arama
Selfie In The Buddhist Altar Offerings
Selfie In The Pagoda Buddhist Temple
Wild Doggy Kids on The Beach
Grasshopper Insect Perched On The Leaves Of Weeds
A Monkey At Wanagiri Village North Bali Indonesia
Funny Ducks Animal
Cats Brother Hood Sleep Together On The Doormat
Gaze Cat Eyes See The Target
Fisherman Fishing Boat Retired In The Beach Plant Tree
Market Museum at Buleleng Former Historical Harbor
Goddess Saraswati Relief Decoration
Paddy Storage Warehouse, Old Balinese Building
Balinese Shadow Puppets Screen
Balinese Shadow Puppet Show, Indonesia
Missing Something, Drawing Art
I am Waiting, Drawing Art
Ethnic Flower, Drawing Art
Happy Kids, Drawing Art
Jug Flower, Drawing Art
Princess Meet Warrior, Drawing Art

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