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Rain Water Waves Effect on Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful graphics software that have ability in the process of making pixels effect in detail. On this occasion I will show you how to create the effect of water waves caused by fall of rain on the water surface of the green pool water and makes water waves like the picture above.

As Pixel Graphic Software, photoshop has many filters plugin to create the image effects that can be combined in order to make a realistic effect. The Filters that was used here such as Clouds filter, Gaussian Blur Filter, Ripple Filter, Ocean Ripple Filter, and Zigzag filter. Combining of some filter allow you to make rain water waves effect that more realistic. I will show how to create it step bye step. I hope it can inspire you to improve your skill and understanding about photoshop filters.

1. Clouds filter, clik on the tab menu Filter> Render> Clouds
Create a soft cloud effect by taking background and foreground colors that we chose as the basic color. For example, I use a deep green color as the foreground, while the background color I use white. For more details let's take a look the picture below!

2. Gaussian Blur filter, clik on the tab menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur
Color of the cloud effect that we use being a base color of the water surface, and then makes a little blur effect to make the image more abstract so that it can combine to create the effect more realistic. Let's see the image below!

3. Ripple filter, clik on the tab menu Filter> Distort> Ripple
Results of the effects of clouds after being given the blur effect, further we will create a ripple effect to make surface water impression. For more details let's see the picture below!

4. Ocean Ripple filter, clik on the tab menu Filter> Distort> Ocean Ripple
The Ocean Ripple filter able to make the impression of water waves of the image that looks more realistic. You can adjust the water waves surface until you have the impression of water surface waves as you can imagine by set up the value is. The result you can see as the picture below!

5. Ocean Zigzag filter, clik on the tab menu Filter> Distort> Zigzag
The Zigzag filter make the impression of water waves that caused by fall of rain on the water waves surface. There're 3 styles that you can choose as you wish. But here I am using the Style: Pond Ripples then set the value so that it gets water waves like the picture below!

So in the process of creating rain water waves effect, we just only need the default of some filters that available in Photoshop, use and combine them so that to make a different effect that looks more good. For more clearly let's see this video tutorial! Have a try and Good luck!

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