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Configuration of the Local Area Network to Build Internet Cafe

Once the network is completed and utp lan cable has been installed on each PC unit, but it does not end here. You need to setup the LAN network configuration so that each unit is connected and can communicate with each other into one unified network. To setup the LAN Network Configuration you have to adjust IP Gateway given by ISP to every PC unit of the network.

We begin with a sample of internet cafe network from the image above. To create a network such as the internet café as the picture above require relatively cheaper. Because we will be using a hub as the central of the network. while to do bandwidth management, we just do it on the mikrotik router from the ISP. So we do not need additional router.
For example, IP Gateway provided by your ISP is and IP address on the network the unit will be determined as follows:
Billing :
PC1 :
PC1 :
PC1 :
PC1 :
PC1 :
PC1 :

Before that, first we must to setup the Computer name on each unit configuration. Then equate the workgroup on each unit of the network, give the name as you want. Right click my computer icon and then click Properties, go to the settings Change. In the System Properties at the tab of computer name, click Change. You'll go to the Computer Name/Domain Changes window.

On the windows XP not too different, you should find the settings Computer Name and Domain. Click Ok and you must restart your computer. After that we will set the IP address on each pc unit that have connected to the network.

As the picture above we will use the internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) properties to configure the IP address, default gateway, and DNS server address. Right click on the Local Area Connection of the LAN interface card that used (active). And the do the setup as shown as the right picture above.

Once finished you can test the connection of on each PC unit of the network, pinging on each IP address. Use the application windows command prompt (CMD) to perform testing of network and Internet access from the ISP.

Ping is used to get respond of another pc unit on the network that has been previously configured the IP address. Ping-t is used to check for the stability of the connections at time.
for example
Ping : request a response from the pc unit with ip address
Ping : request a response from the mikrotik router from your ISP in this case
Ping client-1 : request a response from the pc unit to the computer name as client-1
Ping request a response from a site with the url address of
After all working properly you can try it yourself through the browser to test the internet connection of the internet café network that we have created. For more details let's see this article video! Good luck!

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