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Adding Visitor Widget to the Joomla Footer Template

Visitor Widget is very important especially for website owner and may to be attention by the user too. Placement of a visitor widget on the website should not do important place of the website. Visitor Widget should not make bother with the user when reading and look for our article as the content that most important. Therefore the footer of the joomla site to be the best way to put visitor widget for not make bother of the content of the website.

Footer of the joomla website may consist with some module positions which may also be important to you to put another things that more important that you think. The solution is to create a new tag above of copyright joomla template. In this case I will show you how to put the visitor widget code to the footer, above of copyright of the joomla template by putting a new tag without using joomla module.

1. Find and specify Visitor Widget as you require, for example I will give you three widgets for comparison only. Then put it lined up horizontally above of copyright of joomla template. Do not remove or change the copyright if it is not your own Joomla templates! it is a bad for the future of your site. the three visitor widgets that I use such as,, and, as shown at the picture below

Revolvermaps Widget
<script type="text/javascript" src=";s=180&amp;m=0&amp;v=true&amp;r=true&amp;b=000000&amp;n=false&amp;c=ff0000" async="async"></script> Widget
<script id="_wauebh">var _wau = _wau || [];
_wau.push(["map", "d2eyo9tjknf0", "ebh", "360", "180", "natural", "star-blue"]);
(function() {var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true;

Flagcounter Widget
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Flag Counter" border="0"></a>

2. Login to the Joomla administrator, click on the tab menu Extensions> Template Manager. Then click on "Edit Main Page" as shown as the middle of picture below and you will be find index.php of your template that you are using. Then find div footer of the template!

Additional Tag
<p align="center">
<td width="182">widget1</td>
<td width="182">widget2</td>
<td width="182">widget3</td>

3. Create or insert additional tag at the bottom of div footer, on index.php of your joomla template as shown as the left picture below. Then changes widget1, widget2, widget3 with code of visitor widget that you want to add. After that save index.php that has been changed by adding the three widgets.

This is the way that we don't need a module position, we just put the tag on the index.php and insert the widgets inside. Find and change the widget as you need and then insert the widget code into it. The result as shown as the right picture above. If you not so clearly, let's see the following video!

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