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Natural Scenery of Batur Kintamani

Batur Kintamani is one of tourism destinations place with natural scenery that has a cool temperate relatively in Bali, because this is a highlands mountains in Bali. Batur Kintamani Located in the village of Penelokan, regency of Bangli, in Bali island. If you start from Denpasar heading to Batur Kintamani you will go through regency of Gianyar. By the time you almost got there are any pine forest scenery is so beautiful. Kintamani is a highland mountain areas, from the main road you will see a mountain scenery that is Mount Batur, looks like being below, around the mount Batur seen the lake that one of largest lake in Bali.

Mount Batur is an active volcano, seen from afar the former lava flow to the foot of the mountain. Mount Batur is a mountain that had erupted in 1917 year, when the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia. The eruption of Mount Batur is very terrible at that time which has taken thousands of lives. At the past Mount Batur was the higher mountain then now,  the lakes that his feet are very wide. At that time, the peak of the volcano eruption fell down the crater itself.

To reach the foot of the Mount Batur we have down to the road that a little bit steep but still safe by driving a car. Along the way to the bottom of the road there was a buddhist temple building is very calm and quiet surrounded by evergreen plants. At the foot of the mountain there is a settlement in the area around the lake is one of them is village Kedisan. Keep going you will find the road with views lake and chunks of lava former overgrown bushes that are overgrown. The End of the road finish to the temple region on the edge of Lake Batur.

On the way to the temple at Batur Kintamani, you can see the mountain from below. Gray mountain filled with former land of lava flow. You can not allowed to take a hike to summit the mountain without a guide with experience who the right to know about this area. Because the area is very unstable mountain slopes. There are any areas that have the potential occurrence of landslides.

If you want to know the state of the mountain slopes and the peak for more clearly, you have to go up on the road to the main road at a museum Kintamani. At Museum Kintamani you will see the history about Kintamani area and Mount Batur. At the top of the museum there are any telescope to see the the peak and slope mount Batur clearly. There are any steep areas and any areas that are overgrown with grass. On the peak of the mountain itself looks steaming by the time I visited the stricken area. This is a very interesting mountain scenery in the area of Batur ​​Kintamani.

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