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Historical Monumental of Bajrasandhi Renon Denpasar Bali
Bali as a traveller destination has a special charm that attracts tourists to visit in the region. Bali has rich in culture and tradition at the past until now. The culture and tradition still kept, because it is the legacy of our ancestors. If you want to know about one of the interesting places that have historical value in Bali is the Bajrasandhi. Bajrasandhi Located in the middle of Denpasar, capital of Bali, Indonesia.

Bajrasandhi located in the middle of Renon wide field. The place that has historical value, cultural traditions and struggles balinese people in ancient times. Bajrasandhi condensed structures with Balinese carving style is very ethnic. In the Bajrasandhi museum there are symbols that is both historical, magical and religious.

Enter to the Bajrasandhi area, you must up the stairs and pass the first gate. Here there is a beautiful garden and spacious and the 4 buildings for resting exactly the same, all have the Balinese style. From here i know the gate was actually also have 4 way out. Walking around the area is actually very tired because the area is quite extensive. Next up the stairs and pass the second gate, there is a fish pond that surrounds the core building. Then up the stairs again and pass the third gate you are ready to enter the first floor of the building that is shaped like a bell is called Bajra in Bali, that is like embedded into the earth.

In the middle of Bajrasandhi building consists with 3 levels floor. At the first floor there many history paintings such as kings who had ruled the people in Bali, Balinese folk hero of the struggle against colonialism, and Balinese ornaments else. There is a spiral staircase surrounded by a fish pond. Up the second floor of there heritage and heirloom ornament three-dimensional paintings and the historical of Balinese that is placed on the walls inside the museum building Bajrasandhi, and ornaments-other. From here you can see about  history of  life and culture of  Balinese people until finally the struggle against the colonial era.

The history about culture, spirit, way of life of the Balinese people is closely related to the man is named Danghyang Nirartha commonly called Ida Pedanda Wau Rauh or Danghyang Dwi Jendra. He is a holy man that spread, teachings and implanting foundation spirit and culture are influential until this day. You can face the paintings of him at second floor of Bajrasandhi museum, on his first arrival to the island. He was gently guiding and providing teachings that give breath to the hindu religion and culture of Bali inherited to date. Shades of royal era past are felt here, and

To enter the third floor you must go the stairs spinning again, the third floor is the top level of the building of Bajrasandhi. There are any religious ornament on the wall above and floor. Up the stairs I felt dizzy spinning in the height the third floor. I want to quickly drop back because I felt the horror like want fall from this height. And finally I have been down the stairs with extreme caution. Oh...really Bajrasandhi is the place appreciating historical, magical and religious.

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