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Galungan Celebration Together with my Family

Galungan and Kuningan Day actually the biggest feast hindhu people especially in Bali another with Nyepi Day. Although not approved as a national holiday by the Indonesia Central Government, Galungan day have a very big atmosphere in Bali. The passion and excitement to the welcoming the holiday was seemed so great, especially in Bali. If I compare with Muslims have Ramadan feast, most known as Lebaran in Indonesia, Hindus in Bali has Galungan and Kuningan feast.

Galungan itself included through a series with some other feast before the day coming. So great that day, a month before the day coming there is any other feast related with Galungan feast. Bali actually has a lot of great feast to keep reminding us as human beings tend to be quick to feel smug remain that there is the God always watching us. Every feast reflects the religious life of the Balinese people at the past until now.

Over the time the lifestyle of Balinese have changes, there is any different lifestyle compared with the past time in Bali. In order to survive of the life sometime some people must be going out from the birthplace to walk away because necessities of the life is very high right now to follow and adapt with the lifestyle in the modern era. Therefore Galungan and Kuningan day is going to be a moment to return home to the family after gathered separated for 6 months to get money out from the birthplace. Galungan is going to be very special holiday for Balinese people.

How deep we have interpret Galungan day, it still depends on us personally. Galungan is the independent day for Balinese Land about the winning virtue against evil. But do not make Galungan feast just a moment to show off wealth, cars and lifestyle. Let us introspect ourselves with a tendency to show off like that, so that we are not stuck dealing with the Galungan feast celebrations, Satyam Eva Jayate, that means is the virtue will eventually sleaze.

This is the place where as the temple as the place we usually celebrate Galungan feast. We are the family in large number of descendants of the ancestral line, Jero Batur Ringdikit families. There is a long history that we have to come together to the temple here as one big families. This temple is where our ancestral family temple to pray and give offerings with devotional together, especially on the day of Galungan right now.

At the ancient times our ancestors had made ​​a colony of they own family. Build a temple to remain and allow to communicate and connect with their ancestors over. The temple worship in a large number family place is called merajan temple. Somebody that is not generation of this family is not allowed to come. Jero Batur Ringdikit families as a merajan temple in which there are any meru as simbol of the levels of our ancestors nature. There is fishpond beside temples, and shrines of Ida Kakiang which is inherited from our ancestors.

Relax for a while after the main worship completed, since waiting other families that still praying at the shrines of Ida Kakiang. Look at the picture below! At this time there are any dances devotion showing for our ancestors and the Gods, as well as friendly - welcoming to the family.

This is the shrines of Ida Kakiang, a place where all the descendants of ancestors personally begged to be given a way out in the having all of the problems. This is done after the completion of the main worship.

The pictures above describes the situation after all the praying was done. All of the offerings that was given to the ancestors and the God, have completed offered then we take back the offerings. The offering after this called Lungsuran as the food with the blessing for all the family.

This is the last place historic heritage of our ancestor. Two picture below is the place that we do worship at last in a celebration of Galungan Day. And the last one picture is old building that used to be storage crops in the dry season which can keep them from starvation due to unexpected season. This is the way of our ancestors survive at past.

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