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The Day Situations Before Galungan Coming

The sky is so bright, bright the blue color just a few scattered clouds. This is what awaited for the entire Balinese people especially for the Hindu religion, it is just before Galungan arrived. The atmosphere is very excited, the roads are rather quiet in the way. Three days before Galungan coming that is at the end of March 2013. As the tradition in Bali the day before Galungan day comes,  Balinese people is very excited for the preparation of welcoming the major feast such a Galungan day by placing a Penjor in front of every family houses, as a sign of the celebration will come soon.

Penjor is the symbol of prosperity that the world has given life to us all. Penjor was made by a bamboo curved at the top end with special decorations with Bali traditional art expression. The top of Penjor containing with rice crop, and other crops else as the symbol what have the nature given. Many various forms of the Penjor that may fouded in defferent regions. But the important thing here, that Balinese people especially will celebrate the victory and prosperity of nature in the Galungan day.

The feast of Galungan is celebration of the nature is rejoicing, victory from the evil, which is the virtue (dharma) wins against sleaze (adharma). The victory spirit of dharma is perceived as coming before Galungan. The world will rejoice because free from all adversity. This is the philosophy of the celebration of this feast.

Like the most other people, I am also preparing to celebrate Galungan, but I am outside from my village area now. For that I am get ready for going home to celebrate with my big family at Merajan Temple. Merajan is a ancestral temple of the big families that have hug members. So when Galungan day arriving, our family gathered together to pray for the welfare of the given from ancestor and the God.

The other activity else with placing penjor, for the women is very busy to prepare infrastructure for the ceremony called "mejejahitan" making offerings for the ancestors and Gods. While the man in the community of the region is slaughtered pigs. The pig is a symbol of human character about lazy (tamas) and other ugly trait that should be eliminated in our heart. After slaughtering pigs, that meat is shared to all. Here the traditional Balinese food called "lawar" will made. Lawar is made from pig's blood and grated coconut (nyuh) were given a special flavor.

For those of you who want to feel the atmosphere the wins of the virtue against the evil, come...! this is it the day before Galungan Coming!

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