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Port Cable of NEC PC-VC667J3FD Display Monitor

At this time i would like to talk about NEC PC-VC667J3FD series monitor. This monitor is a Japan products that have so different port or terminal compare with the other monitor port generally. But This kind of monitor is very strong, even if I may say stronger than CPU itself.

The monitor of NEC PC-VC667J3FD series has audio and video panel settings are complete enough to be done just in the monitor itself. This NEC series monitor also have usb port so you do not require additional speakers and can directly insert flashdisk through the monitor and no need cable power again. Once the full system of this monitor is all made completely practical and tactical, efficient space and power.

You can look more clearly this kind of monitor as the picture above and understand about problem that i have. A long as I've used this kind of monitor, I was so happy and proud of this product. But the problem is not coming of the monitor. But the cpu not can not used or first broken. In this situation what can I do to be able to use again this monitor with another cpu. Do you think this is easy? if so, I will show you the real problem now!

Look at the pictures above, I ask you what is the interface port name? I have been try to find this interface port anywhere, no one sells or provides a solution how to use this kind of monitor with another cpu. There is a converter of this type are called DVI NF30, that already have port VGA like this, but this is provide all there in Japan. Should I traveled to Japan only just buy this kind of monitor. It would be better just put this monitor to be decoration on my table. At least can give the impression of my table being looks more expensive then.

So what is the solution about this monitor problem, do you have an idea? you want to connect it or want to make something like converter to VGA? are you sure and want to see in detail the cables inside, i will show you now, look at the picture bellow!

I don't want this monitor just put to be a decoration, I will show you what is the monitor cable series NEC PC-VC667J3FD consist with. There are any rather thick cables consist with 6 pieces (pink, purple, white, brown, gray and black), and there is cables rather small 11 pieces (white, orange, yellow .....) then there is cable yellow wrapped cable which pairs, all of those cable wrapped with fibers on the ground like an TV Cable Antenna. The content of this cable is so much then I imagined .

That is all that i have done, i have no basic to make a converter with a so much cables hopefully could be a reference for those of you are in experts in electronics monitor, or maybe you would like raised as a matter for thesis about how to make the interface port converter to this kind of monitor so that can be used again to another cpu as usual. That was all and thank you ! best regards ..!

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