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Recovering Data from Virus Attacking
It's no longer inevitable in the interests of us, the process of the mobility or transfer of data files most often we do with the media removable disk, such as flash disk, memory cards, until external hard drives. Perhaps because of the practical compared with the media such as CD (Compact Disk). But along of the process of the mobility data files is very that surely most important for you, the virus, malware, and friend, can be coming at one time, like a thief without permission to do they will.

If you have made a back-up for your data files and your computer already have a powerful antivirus with the high protection against viruses and friend, I think you have no worry about it as long as you sure wit your antivirus that you have use can be handle, protect and prevent viruses and friends coming. But one day in the urgent situations, you have no time again and forget about to back-up your data files, and the only one of your data files of yours only on your removable disk, then you have bring to the rental computer that you don't know anymore about the condition of the rental computer, with virus or not.

Sooner or later you may have found what something like me. You have bring your data files and unable to opened, damaged or missing on the data files. So this is the problem will began, data is lost just shortcut of the folder therein and can not be opened as far as you have try. So what will you do? you are in confusion, you may desire to make it again about data files that was lost, what about if your data file in very large number and need times too long to make it again. Even if you can not make it anymore

The solution of this problem, I hope can be overcome. There are several steps that you need to do (The Virus still not make broken the manufacturer's format of flash drive that you have)
  • Update your antivirus databases to the latest update, of course, must have the internet connection to update your antivirus. In this case, I trusted to the EsetNod Antivirus.
  • Scan all of the files from any virus, trojan, malware etc. Once the process was completed, it is possible any files that infected by virus lost just a moment, because antivirus will remove all the virus in the form of file such a folder shorcut. Do not panic, calm yourself! There are different kind of the virus behavior that infected your files.
  • Notice if you have found any folder autorun.inf and recycler, please remove it! and second the folder is most possible difficult removed because under the protection by viruses as the place where the virus will be multiply theirself. To remove it there are some methods
    • Run the command prompt (cmd) if you use windows 7, run it as administrator, then find drive of your flash disk. For example, my flash disk is h drive, and then I type h: \>attrib autorun.inf -h -r -s then press enter, wait until the process has completed. Then check using windows explorer if the autorun.inf file still can not be removed. That means the folder had locked by viruses.
    • Use the unlocker tool in order to remove the file that still can not removed.
  • Once the autorun.inf file has removed then we can do recover the data files that was hidden by the virus, type on the command prompt, find your flash directory eg h: \>attrib *.* -s -h -r /s /d and press enter, wait until the process has completed
  • Check your files on your flash drive using windows explorer, i hope the data files that lost will will show agian without magic
That was all of my experience, i hope your data files you can find again. Good Luck!

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