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Dismantling Asus Eee PC X101H Netbook

For those of you who having a problem with the netbook like this, Asus Eee PC X101H netbook series or various other brands of netbooks are not much different. Sometimes if you have a problem with the netbook and should be repaired by dismantling all of the hardware inside, I want to show how to do that and gives a courage to do dismantling process of the netbook. If you can open all of the part of component, and  then you can check which one component of it that brings the problem  and find the solution to fix it by yourself.

Picture aboves is the memory component of the netbook. It is located at the bottom of the netbook, exactly at the bottom of Mainboard. The memory ( RAM ) component is easy to open, by releasing some bolts of the cover itself. Something that was most important where is the hard drive put in place? This not like a laptop, the hard drive (hdd) was placed above of mainbroard. We use a flat-blade screwdriver for gouging the chasing of Asus Eee PC X101H, look at of the picture below!

At the bottom of the netbook there are any bolts that should be released before gouging the chasing. After that we have just able to open the top cover of the chasing. Gouging the chasing by flat-blade screwdriver start from the corner as shown as the picture below!

There are any hooks at the corner that must be released first, be careful when you gauging the top cover that consist with the keyboard and mouse pad that become one! Slow but sure you can try that. It just hard around the corner in another part getting more easier! Look at the direction when you gauging the cover to begin.

Once if you have already open up the chasing, you will see the mainboard and hard drive (hdd) and check the component. The results of all of the process dismantling the netbook  as shown as the picture below. You can see now that the hard drive could be released by open up the top of the chasing, it doesn't like other laptops which are usually located at the bottom of the mainboard.

With the dismantling steps like this we can take the hard drive and check up the condition, and you can scan by antivirus in another computer that you have. If the problem comes from the keyboard you can replaced by yourself without carrying to the technician to bring and leave it and certainly not all of them rich! Do you know what that means? ha ha was a joke!.

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