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Dismantling Canon Pixma IX6560

On this occasion I would tell you about my experience using the printer of Canon Deskjet IX6560. This kind of the printer able to print until A3 size of paper. The performance of this Printer is so fast with adequate of quality. Canon IX 6560 is having the head and cartridge is separated. A long as my experience when using this kind of the printer, the head of cartridge that was very strong. The problem that I have found yet is about the cartridge that have a chip to recognize the cartridge and ink level inside, even any chip with auto reset, at any time will be broken, i just require to fix by replace the chip and the cartridge can be used again.

On the printing services, using the original cartridge in the operational does not balanced with competition of the price in the market. Surely I could not sell of printing services because the cost will be a high if i use the original cartridge in my region. The solution is making CISS system on this printer. CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) in which the Printer must be Modified, and that's means we have to do any change with the ink circulation of this printer.

However, the process in the making CISS system are irresponsible that bring it coming to an end to use this kind of printer. The Good CISS system should be require any waste disposal outside the printer. If not will be scattered inside of the machine. I don't mind yet, if the act of modifier by technician is going to be causes such a crucial problem that brings the printer to the end.

CISS Modifications system of my printer are made with less responsibility and finally make the printer died, could not be repaired. This is the important things why we have to make waste disposal system on the CISS modification system of the printer. The price of the kind of the printer if compared with the price of the cartridge is quite different, if you compare with with the A4 deskjet printer. The kind of the printer A4 size paper deskjet, if I found this problem, it does't matter, I can throw away without regret in the crucial problem like this. The printer of Canon A4 size paper deskjet have the price between the printer and cartridge almost the same price. But Canon IX 6560 has a so different price with the machine and the cartridges. So if the machine of Canon IX 6560 have a problem until can not be repaired by technician, that means I have throw away money around 350 USD.

On the market, many printers modifier with less responsibility, not specialized knowledge and experience but have made a modification with the printer like canon IX6560, it is a bad attitude. I think the modifier is not enough knowledge to disassemble of this machine to find the way for ink disposal (waste ink). So they don't have the ability and  no have a brave to dismantle canon IX6560, but they make the modifications are not responsible that will be make the problems on the mainboard. This is my experience that I have found a long as i use canon IX6560. So this is the sacrifice of my printer.

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