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Dismantling and Modifying Printer HP Deskjet 1000 CISS

The most people said that the printer of Hp Deskjet 1000 can not be modified to be CISS (Continuous Ink Circulation System), but why? is this because the ink that spilling? that is the question I have been. When someone said like that, why there are any HP cartridge refill services? if so, this is really not so true statement and I can not receive this. But I wish I could have change the printer Hp Deskjet 1000 to be CISS like the printer canon or epson. I have not founded the answer yet, anywhere and many modifier don't want to modify this kind of printer

After I tried, I have understood what is the problem. Indeed this is most difficult to solve about the ink that spilling. So you are give up, just trusted to the technician. Did you not think something new comes from the experiment? So many technicians just want to follow to modify the cartridges of canon even that is more expensive then the cartridges from HP Deskjet. But if you don't care about the cartridges of canon deskjet, you can not use it for the long time and finally you must buy and buy again in the short time period. And you can imagine this. Do you think this is not a risk? By the way someone said modifying HP Deskjet 1000 have a high risk. If don't want to get a risk, don't modify any printer to be CISS at all, you will be safe.

I think the cartridge of Canon and HP deskjet have just a little bit different on the sponge inside the cartridge. This is the underlying thing that make I want to dismantle HP Deskjet 1000 to modify  and make CISS system on the printer HP Deskjet 1000.

Look at the Picture above is the result of dismantling HP Deskjet 1000, you can see the location of the mainboard. And look at the cashing of this printer, it looks like very difficult to insert the hose  inside the printer. Come to think of it before you open the cover of the paper at first. The you'll see where you start to dismantle. It looks so clear, I will show you more detail and hopefully can give inspire and make you brave to do dismantling process.

Look at the picture above that marked in red! 2 pieces bolt at the front at first you have to release from the printer. Then there are 2 pieces bolt at the back also you have to release two bolts from the bottom. If you have done it, the yellow marked there are two hooks, so use a flat-blade screwdriver to open it. If you have already released the hook you can easily to open the top cover of this printer. Slow but sure you will be able to open and see the part of this printer like the picture above. From here you will know and think about where we have to insert the hose.

Make a hole to insert the hose CISS ink flow like the picture above! more precisely on the area that I marked in red. I can use solder or maybe you have any tools, up to you for drilling the holes. Install the hose as well so that the position avoided with congestion due to lapse.

To make the ink up to the cartridge, suck up the ink to the end of the hose led to the cartridge. Clamp the hose just for a while so that the ink does not turn back and insert the hose to the cartridges. Attention here to make a hole on the cartridges must be covered after the hose was inserted. Use any glue such a UHU or anything else that you think is good to cover the hole. For better circulation use a damper. Have a try and good luck! 

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