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Canon ip 2770 printer is the product that classified as very agile and economical in terms of the price. If you have finances just limited but you desire to have the simple printer, this kind of printer could be represent of you wish. But before you decided to choose this kind printer, I would like to tell you the common problems that usually found a long as in the operational of this printer.

Canon Deskjet IP 2770 printer has performance that very agile and fast, but the quality result just enough for standard office document, arguably it is mach used for make office archives and something like that. This kind of printer is having a something less when you want to make any prints with many straight line. You can not expected too much about it, because the printer produces just for standard quality. For the quality results such a photo album and graphic design, I would say its worth just enough.

Something that usually makes me frustrated is about the cartridges are relatively expensive in the market, but when used in the operational, it is so sensitive depends on the environment. You must really care for the cartridge of this printer. I'm sure if you don't really care and understand about this printer especially for the cartridges, and it is rarely used, the head cartridges will easily to be stuck. There are many people who write an article about the solution to fix clogged ink of this printer, either by soaking or others, it is 99% failed. This is usually founded by the users of the Canon IP 2770, especially when used this printer with modification ink or continous ink circulation system (CISS).

A long as my experience with the cartridges, it can be take a long time but sometimes is in the short time finally must change the cartridges. However, before you decided to buy the new cartridges, it's better for you should analyze the problem that you founded. Let's take a look a little bit about the cartridge canon iP2770 outline!

The structure of the cartridge Canon IP2770 consist with any sponge as a reservoir of the ink, to avoid the ink is not drip during not in use. Any ink filter at the bottom of the sponge to avoid if any dust that goes with the ink cartridge that can be make a clog on the head cartridge. The head of the cartridge consist with a hole capillary discharge ink set out the electrical system. The Chip of cartridge have a function to connect with the mainboard to control the head of the cartridge, give comment and regulate overall output ink that have controlled by the mainboard.

You can see which one the sensitive areas on the cartridge, that is Head and Chip of the Cartridge, The Head is capillary (smooth), Chip Cartridge be around the ink liquid. That's why it can be cause the cartridge is very sensitive. Well! the problems is usually associated with this condition. Before you decided to give your printer to the technician or you want to buy a new cartridge, I suggest you to observe about the problem at first. Here I was defined the problem in outline.

Blinking, there are several causes of any blink, Blink indicates about The code problem of a part of the printer.
  • cartridge has counted backwards in time by the mainboard in normal usage phase, usually on the display of computer will appear cartridge sign off, which means they are not recognized. This can be overcome by pressing the Resume Button around 10 seconds will be detected again.
  • Chip cartridge touched with ink on light dirt. Clean with wet wipes, wait a while to dry, then insert again. This means that the cartridge connection and its cartridges chip there is a barrier. Obviously a result the connection is lost (not recognized)
  • Cartridge chip exposed to corrosion or surge, Corrosion associated with humidity where you live normally happens in a long time of use cartridge. Surge associated with corrosion which allows the ink into very small chip relay. If this happens do not waste your time. It is time you to buy a new Cartridge.
  • Mainboard need to be reset again asked for the maximum use of the chip goes beyond the eeprom. This can be overcome by resetter software for the type of the printer .
  • The rest is something funny, such as pinched hose (CISS), Cartridge Chip used to be toys your child and others.
The dilemma was like this, if you fill ink to the cartridge by refill ink and you are not frequently in usage, the ink inside will be easily hardened to to be dirt that covered head of the cartridge  and makes corrosion on the head. However when you print in very large amounts at one time, the cartridge will easily broken or defective.

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