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Fix Bug Language Pack JLIB_HTML Joomla Website

On this time I will discuss about the appearance of any bug that occur on the page navigation joomla "JLIB_HTML_PAGE_CURRENT_OF_TOTAL, JLIB_HTML_START, and JLIB_HTML_END". Did you have found the problem that shown like the picture above? There was problem in joomla to display the pager, not so crucial but it looks like very unprofessional impression of your website if still like this. If you've attention about this problem, let us discuss together. The problem like this any something wrong to render any code so that bug is showing the html code on your joomla website and appear HTML Code on the page navigation. At first I don’t know why this is happen, suddenly after I have installed some extension on my joomla website, uncomfortable html code that shown as the picture above. This is a bad appearance on your joomla website.

What do you think about this kind bug? The bug was appeared because the language pack on your joomla system have crash because of some kind of script extension that you maybe you have used. I suggest you, if you don’t really to know and understand about any extensions, don't installed them to your joomla backend, or maybe you must try that extensions at first to the localhost of your computer as your experiment! Because this is make possible to bring any crash to your joomla system, that someday you will regret to used some extension especially for free extension joomla. It would be make you rebuild again your joomla system that must be spend a lot of your time.

In this case the problem is because I use 2 languages for language switcher, such as UK and Indonesia language. The page navigation in English is fine, but the page navigation in Indonesian language have accures this kind of bug. The bug that shown by occurring any html code on the page navigation "JLIB_HTML_PAGE_CURRENT_OF_TOTAL, JLIB_HTML_START, and JLIB_HTML_END". do you an idea how to fix this kind of problem?.

At fisrt time I have matched about two file on my joomla, that is id-ID.lib_joomla.ini then i was compared with en-GB lib_joomla.ini. But still the problem was not solved yet. The conclusion is the problem was very fairly complex script in crash and complicated. I think not much someone discuss about this problem. So what I was thinking for this problem is to find the latest version of the language pack that maybe more stable. And I was installed the language pack extensions, the result is surprised me. For those of you who used Indonesia Language Pack, you must updated Language Pack extension to the version id-ID_joomla_lang_full_2.5.8v1. The version is more stable then before. For someone who use another language you must try to looking for the latest version or reinstall the language extension that was in problem to fix Bug Language Pack JLIB_HTML.

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