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The Holy Journey to Gili Menjangan Temple in Bali
Look at the picture of this region, and what are you thinking about? Expanse of sea and shrubs here. And if you want to go surround the island and enjoy the charm of the sea and reefs that are here. This is a small island with no inhabitants Gili Menjangan Island.

The island has a lot of sanctity aura of tranquility when we walk among the rocks and sea water gurgling as if to remind us of the enormous power of God, and for us humans can not keep up. While that seems like a brittle rocks actually save a lot of good stories that delight even the deeply moving journey of life of a human child, rest many memories become history and clearly visible remnants of human selfishness strong against a weak man, but it would be nice if we also saw it directly, and of course, we can feel it right from the moment trip up until the goal is very impressive, and such magical power to make us want to come back and see the rocks that look fragile.

Phictures above is the view from across the Menjangan Island, still in coast of the island of Bali. This coastal mangroves widely available. Mangroves grow fresh until juts into the sea. To reach the GiliMenjangan island, group had to rent boats to reach destination.

This is when we were in the middle boat on the sea to reach the gilimenjangan island. The sea is very clear and fresh, this area is a natural reserve areas that receive special protection from the local government. From here I see another group, mangroves that grow jutting into the sea and the islands bali already starting to look away. It's natural adventure experience is very impressive!

Finally we reached the mainland gilimenjangan. There are many temples and shrines here, that to achieve this we have to walk under the scorching sun. Thirsty and tired, sweat pouring, but the journey to the Gillimenjangan Island is still remained today.

This area is a meeting place or melting of two confidence and trust between the Hindu and Buddhist belief systems into a single unit. There is also the history of the temple Pendopo Gajahmada and Pendopo Kebo Iwa which is believed to protect the universe from all distress. At the time of the temple ceremony or the ceremony took place was crowded visited by people (pemedek) to obtain blessings, safety, prosperity of the Creator.

The picture below is a panoramic view of the area for diving and marine life are the main attraction of the gilimenjangan island. This place is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. I took this photo from a distance because my goal is not for diving. At one time this region if you are lucky you can see the animal deer. But you should not be forced to looking for deer because the region's sacred (magic).
After performing in various places in the temple worship in gilimenjangan, we take a break at Wantilan talking by each other, enjoy pantian breeze that blew trees and shrubs. After enjoying nature of gilimenjangan, then we headed to a waiting boat that was ready drove us back to mainland island of Bali. On the way home, we saw colorful coral and marine life very clearly.

The blows of the waves hitting the reef, the water splashing as greetings to returning again with a feeling of pure and peace. See you the gilimenjangan island ...!

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