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The Secret Story of Tanah Lot and Danghyang Nirartha

The Regions of Tanah Lot has kept the big secret about the history of civilized balinese people. Tanah Lot is a scenery of the temple, coral and sea that was amazing. Danghyang Nirartha is a man who had laid the foundation and gave the form of Balinese culture until now. He had very heavy duty to save this island, so that his life just for served and provided the light and gave the form of civilization and culture in Bali. This is a part of the history about the Danghyang Nirartha journey on the place that known as Tanah Lot.

Danghyang Nirartha is the holy man in Bali who gave attention with the continuity of the life and civilization of this island until now. Hindus in Bali now is under the influence of his greatness. The teachings and philosophy of life to live in harmony and blend with the surrounding nature as a manifestation of our gratitude to the God who give the life.

I wanted to tell you about the secret story of  Pekendungan Temple that known as Tanah Lot Temple. Tanah Lot Temple is included in Sad Kahyangan Temple, the six of great temple in Bali. This place which is one of tourist attraction for the natural beauty of Bali's nature. Behold on the area! you will be able to see the greatness of God here, that we are a grain of sand in the universe that will never be revealed all the truth.

The story I have from someone who I can not mentioned his name. You may be able dealing with this story fully. This is the story that a little different with other versions about Tanah Lot Temple .
At hundred years ago, the geographical the area of Bali is not like it is today. The era is the time in which the native Bali was still very primitive. Arguably cannibals that time period, that may like people who still exist in the Amazon, Brazilla probably. Living huddled naked in a way, a little different with indigenous Papuans who still wear penis gourds. The cannibal community life by eating each others, especially has tendency to the older one which become meal. And then come a holy man by revelation who visited this island to spread the teachings of a new life and civilizations. The holy man who came called Ida Pedande Wau Rauh, most of the people knows as Danghyang Nirartha.

Danghyang Nirartha is someone who smart in diving into the habit of human communities on the island that was still very primitive. In this age, Bali was covered with many dense forest. Danghyang Nirartha gave any civilized lifestyle was slowly, recognize to use wear and make more modern civilizations. Danghyang Nirartha was a someone who very humble and able to adapted with them. The primitive of balinese people believed him to be the Gods in that time. Danghyang Nirartha also had an amazing sense of art and spirit. Arguably the combined arts between India, China, and Malay (not Malaysia). The Short stories already advanced civilization with his teachings influence with Danghyang Niratha.

Untill the time was came in Bali, there were towering mountains in Bali, that now called Mount Agung (Gunung Agung). Mount Agung Erupted first time rill very terrible, the shock seemed to make the island of Bali will sink under the ocean. The very strong was the power of the mountain erupted, cause of the sea water wave huge hit mainland of Bali in that time. The vibration of the eruption mountains and the sea washed away causing a part of land shifted and the other overturned. Danghyang NIrartha did't want the Balinese community will destroyed, he used all his supernatural powers to hold the land in order not to drown them all.  The land that overturned held by him and placed somewhere in that now as Tanah Lot Temple (pekendungan temple) that is used to hold the waves.

Indigenous communities Bali at that time, was very grateful to Danghyang Nirartha who has saved the island of Bali and all of them. Then he told the Balinese people build a shrine to invoke the safety of the creator. Therefore, the temple serves as a lot of land ocean lifeguard Bali.
So that was all that around by the narrative of a person to me. But despite it all, this is the greatness of the nature that we have to keep that is the legacy of The Creator.

So that was all that around by the narrative of a person to me. But despite it all, this is the greatness of the nature that we have to keep that is the legacy of The Creator.

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