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Getting to Know More Other Place in Tanah Lot Bali

Tanah Lot is one of the famous tourism place with natural, spiritual and magical. The Place is located at Beraban village, Kediri district, still in Tabanan regency. The tourism area that very exciting and stunning have very wide area which full of views of coral and sea charm is very beautiful. Aside from Pekendungan Temple, Tanah Lot region also has places that is no less exciting. corals are formed  by the sea waves naturally.

I want to introduce you more about the Tanah Lot region, look at the pictures above, this is coral reefs in the area. There is a myth and beliefs here, the sea of Tanah Lot is an part area of southern ocean (pantai selatan) that stretching from the the sea of java. Who became the ruler here is the queen of the southern ocean, which is very famous and have a lot of followers is called as Nyi Roro Kidul. It is said that Lord of the southern ocean here do not like the color red. So if you want to visit the place and want to be near the sea water, do not use a red shirt! If you wear shirt with red color and want to look closer with the sea water, this is very dangerous, because can make Lord of the southern ocean anger. Believe or not, this is still a myth that needs to be proved, maybe.


Pictured above is a temple that is located near or across Pekendungan Tempe. If you coming from the main gate before heading to Pekendungan Temple (Tanah Lot Temple), you will find the temple is called Penataran Temple that is located closest to Pekendungan Temple (Tanah Lot Temple).

The next is Enjung Galuh Temple, look at the picture above! Enjung Galuh Temple located  that juts into the sea. The edges are shaped slab of flat coral. To see the edges of the slab-shaped coral, there is any small street beside the temple. If you are above the coral slab, you are at risk of pounding waves. Not recommended to go to the slab-shaped coral, dangerous.

The second famous place in Tanah Lot area is Batu Bolong Temple. Temple with jutting coral sea, coral itself shaped holes formed naturally by the tidal wave holes formed naturally by sea ​​waves. So when the tide you will see the location of the temple is to be achieved through the coral sea bridge. As shown by the picture above, very interesting! And there are many more places that have beautiful sea panorama in the region of Tanah Lot.

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