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Temple Pesimpangan Ketapang at Wanagiri Bedugul

Today I want to tell you about small place that may not so popular in Bali. Still in around the area of Bedugul, which is north of the lake Beratan, east from the lake Buyan, there is any stopover temple which is called pesimpangan temple in Bali. A temple where usually people from Buleleng regency were heading to Denpasar or otherwise, which passes through Bedugul, to invoke the safety on the way, the people usually stop at this pesimpangan temple to pray just for a while beg to safety. This place is called Ketapang Temple which located in the area Wanagiri village, district of Sukasada-Buleleng-Bali

It was said that the area was once the forest area where there were many monkeys and tiger of Bali. At the past, this area was jungle, there are many plant of ketapang found here, which is favored by the monkeys. Surely, this area was very haunted for the people to passed through this jungle region because of any tigers here that time. Over the time in a very long period until now, tiger of Bali had already extinct. Until now just the monkeys was found here. The monkeys community still remains that can be preserved by the local government in Bali. Now these monkeys usually can be found around the area of the Ketapang Temple, that's why the temple is named according with the monkeys favorite plants at the past, that is plants named as ketapang.

Look at on this area, there are somethings unique here, and may be could be attracted place for those of you who like the natural mountain forests. These monkeys can be found in the morning until afternoon. At night these monkeys will go to the some place to the deep forest that still remain. Because of the nature has change by the time, they do not always stay on this temple area. They will go to the depth forest. But when any ritual ceremony in Bali such a Galungan and Kuningan and other days, the monkeys will be coming in large numbers even to the evening. Like this moment I am on the way for going home to Buleleng from Badung regency. As usual at this time such a Galungan feast like this, I always pass around this area to celebrate Galungan and Kuningan. These monkeys approached from a distance to me. I love to give some fruits to them. They look like a humans, is it not?

As belief in Bali, the monkeys to be the porters and guards around the temple. No one dares to hunt these monkeys here, because if you dare, your life will be haunted by nightmares, which adversely impact the future of your life. The monkeys herd can be found along the road near the temple of  Pesimpangan Temple Ketapang.

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