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Install and Customizing Template Blog by Artisteer

The first step in the process of creating a blog is how to create a template as appearance all of article as the content of our blog that you will make. Fundamentally to design a blog template you need to understand the HTML, CSS and other supporting knowledge such as Javascript, JQuery, etc. HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and others contained in an xml template format.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the script code would be very difficult and spend a lot of time in designing a blog template. Artisteer is the template generator software that allows you who did't understand the script code to design a template. the Interface and operational of Artisteer is very similar to Microsoft Word that you can understand easily.

Here I will just give you an idea by the end of making the template and how you to upload the template that you created in Artisteer changes the default template on your blog. With the Artisteer you will be able to produce elegant template with easy and quickly.

As a template generator, Artisteer provide intant and standard style for the template. Style is not in accordance with your wishes should not be used. This is to avoid unused script, but there is any in your xml template. For example, here I don't like the appearance the bullet on the sidebar as shown below.

I want to remove the bullet on the sidebar, because it would be difficult if I change and insert a sidebar widget script that I will change later. There are many styles on the Artisteer that I like, but just need a little adjustment. For more details please see the video.

If the template is completed then you need to upload the artisteer template. But it would be different then upload the template to joomla or other, because blogger has different system. There are several settings in the upload process of template Artisteer that must be adjusted to fit as you needs. Click File> Export> as shown the picture below. Then enter the username and password of your blogger.

There is any option that must be set before you to publish. At Show Blogger Navbar select No, I don't need a Navbar on my blog template. Horizontal Menu Source select Custom, to make horizontal menu and sub-menu navigation. Then select Image Hosting by Picasa Web, image files from the template will be stored on google plus that you have. As shown below.

Other options you can customize by yourself as you wish. If you are finished click OK, and click publish. Wait until the upload is complete, then browse to your blog. the template will change according to the existing template in Artisteer. You can make some other changes later at your blog depending on you skill with script code. For more clearly let's see the article video!

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