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Complete Plan of ECMP Dual Wan Load Balancing

Continue the previous article, this is the complete scheme of load balancing that I have made, it could be slightly different from the load balancing that you've applied, you'll have to adjust according to the network conditions and the tools you have. The Complete Plan of ECMP Dual Wan Load Balancing is equipped with automatic Routes failover (without scripting). To increase the performance of the load balancing, it can combine with using external squid proxy completed with strawberry perl and you can add to make local dns server to reduce RTO (Request Timed Out) which usually occurred when we use dial-up connection that may be the cause of failed dns request. The following video as the example how you can build a DNS server for the network.

While there are some people who prefer to use PCC Load Balancing, but personally in accordance with an internet connection from the ISP that I use, in this case I prefer to use ECMP Load Balancing than PCC. Based on my experience, ECMP load balancing is more simple with the others and require routes and mangle rules that more simple and short. The method is appropriate to be applied on ISP that connections relatively with higher ping. You can imagine the connection with 180 ms of ping if you shared to 6 clients, then maybe all the clients are not satisfied, because when it is fully loaded the ping of will be very high until 3000 ms, predicted there could be a connection will looks like lazy to all clients.

The advantages of ECMP Load Balancing is more powerful to keep the ping from two or more internet connection that relatively weak. At the traffic is not too dense, ECMP (Equal-Cost Multi-Path) will load the modem alternately if internet connection is equally strong. But if one of them weaker, it will be looking for on a stronger connection. This is what I refer to as the ping-oriented method. Unless traffic is full (traffic congested) it will be load all the connections until limit the ability of the modem, in this request timed out (RTO) can not be avoided anymore.

The lackage of ECMP load balancing, I agree with the statement is regularly a disconnection caused by a routing table that automatically restarts every 10 minutes, but this is not that you are accused of being the cause of failed login of the sites. The disconnection did not happen in long time, just a few seconds if the traffic is not too dense, well this deficiency must be overcome. Do not worry, I would say, the double power of the squid proxy with strawberry perl and dns server can be handle it. don't you know that?

Here I apply the Complete ECMP Dual Wan Load Balancing on Mikrotik RB 750, like the scheme picture above. The internet connection of two usb modems with the speeds each about 512kbps. Well I'll explain one by one the results of my experiment that I've been testing a long enough to make the system complete ecmp load balancing more stable.
  1. Convert USB to LAN internet connection
  2. Setup for Beginning your Mikrotik Router
  3. Ecmp Load Balancing Failover with Proxy and DNS Server
  4. Specific Qos Implementation of ECMP Load Balancing
  5. Configuring Squid, Strawberry Perl,and DNS Server
If there are less parts later I hope, your input and you refine it again, especially for those of you are already an expert in the mikrotik bandwidth management system to create the system more perfect!

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