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Converting USB to LAN Internet Connection

Before discussing dual wan load balancing, I would like to explain for those of you who yet knows in coverting usb modem into lan of the internet connection so it can be connected to mikrotik router especially for RB750 as the internet source that we will used on load balancing. Actually this is the process of Internet sharing on the pc, from usb adapter that available after you have installed usb(dial-up) modem to the pc, then we are going to share to the Ether/LAN adapter of existing lan card on your pc. Here we can determine the IP address of ether/lan adapter that we will connect to the mikrotik router. If you already knew, jump it and be patient for the next article ... lol!

I talk about this for you can closely know of the experiment, so that you can apply dual wan load balancing on your situation later. Converting USB to LAN internet connection is the process flow of the Internet connection to the Ethernet or LAN card on the PC, it might be more known as the process to share the internet. On the picture above, the internet connection from Terminal Wireless Adapter from usb modem will be shared or supplied to the ether/lan adapter that I called as wan1.

You must install the usb modem on the PC at first, there will automatically create a new adapter on the network connection. If nothing, you must create manually to setup or make a new dial-up adapter, which means you have to go to the setup a new connection. Ok let's get started!

1. Sharing Internet Wireless Terminal Adapter to Ether/LAN adapter

You go to  Control Panel of your windows, then find Network Connections, it will appear as shown the right pictures above! in this case I have 1 dial-up adapter of my usb modem that already installed and 1 ether/lan adapter from the internal lan card of my pc. Then right click on Wireless Terminal adapter, and select Properties! it will appear as shown below!

Then on Wireless Terminal Properties, click on tab Advanced and select the option as shown like the right picture above, it we will share the internet connection to the existing Ether/LAN card on your pc. If you have more than one of the ether/lan adapters will appear the option that you need choose the ether/lan adapter that you want to share the internet. finally just click ok, in here the internet will be shared to ether/lan adapter and will be given an IP as default.

2 Specify IP Address Ether/Lan Adapter according with the Network IP of Mikrotik Interface

Still on Network Connection, the ether/lan adapter have already changed of the name as wan1 is an adapter that will connect to wan1 of mikrotik interface with lan cable. Right click on the ether/lan adapter and click properties and look at the right picture above then click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Here we can determine the ip address that will be the ip gateway of wan1, as shown like the picture below! then click ok. For now you can connect the lan card of the pc to the mikrotik as wan1 to be the internet source.

There is a question left for me here, actually I want to do converting usb to lan internet connection just using 1 pc to share two internet adapters to two ether/lan adapters. However, windows operation system can not allow to share the multiple internet connection like this (one will break). At least so far I did not find anyway to across the internet from two usb modem to multiple ether/lan adapter. If you can do it you no need one pc again, if you can not do that, try to share the second usb modem to another pc. To save the costs I do it one on the billing server, surely it's up to you to manage!

I think that's all about coverting usb to lan internet connection, the next is beginning to setup mikrotik routerboard.

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  1. I guess by adding a router with fail over feature could solve your problem.

    Thanks. Just my2cent :)

    Kadek Eka

    1. Thank's for the suggestion Mr. Kadek! what kind of router is that? is the router for all various kind usb modem? It would be nice!

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