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On this occasion, I’d like to explain how to build web hosting server as our own, at our home on our PC. This is Part II of Building Web Hosting Server but now we are using double or multiple router port forwarding technique using Mikrotik as the router of local network. The script automatic update dynamic public IP that most probably we have to the No-IP sub domain. The script will run automatically by system scheduler, and check our current public IP every time its changed the script will send the current IP to the server, and will know that the sub domain that we have should be updated to the current IP, and finally your sub domain still keep represent as your current public IP. So we don’t need “Dynamic Update Client” app of because this job will be handle by the script that will run on mikrotik, without burdening the web hosting server with the application.

Perhaps amongst of you will ask, why we need to use double router or multiple router ? so the reason is depending on your needs. Personally for me as you can see like the picture above ZTE Optical Router by ISP I have limited to manage everything to my network clients. Other than me as just the user of the ISP router that have limited to manage the router, Mikrotik is the programable router, I can manage my Bandwidth of my web hosting server amongst of other network clients as I see fit. I don’t want my web hosting server lack of bandwidth because of the internet purpose of other Pc clients on my local network.

1. The First Router Port Forwarding for TCP and UDP Protocol

In this case I am using ZTE Optical Router from ISP, I still have the access to the router as user login. I can setup port forwarding configuration of the public IP router ISP that is using port:80 to the Public IP wan interface my Mikrotik router that is using the some port:80. As you can see as the above schematic picture, dynamic public IP will be forwarding to private public IP Mikrotik that is using TCP and UDP protocol. 

Try to find port forwarding feature if your ISP is not using ZTE optical router, it should be any on many kind of the router. But if you have Mikrotik as the first router, you can add the rules on firewall NAT like this! Please change public interface name and public/wan IP that will be the second router!

/ip firewall nat
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat in-interface=internet dst-port=80 protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=80 comment="TCP port forwarding"
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat in-interface=internet dst-port=80 protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=80 comment="UDP port forwarding"

It means the incoming connection that comes from public IP that is using port 80 will be forwarding to private public IP of the public/wan interface of the second router.

2. The Second Router Port Forwarding for TCP and UDP Protocol

Next we have plan to put our web hosting server as the PC client of local network of Mikrotik as the second router. We need to setup the second router port forwarding that will fowarding connection from public/wan IP on the second router Mikrotik that is using port 80 to the IP web hosting server as the client of local network second router mikrotik that is using port 8080. So we need add 2 rules on firewall NAT of the second router mikrotik like this!

/ip firewall nat
add chain=dstnat dst-address= action=dst-nat protocol=tcp to-addresses= to-ports=8080 comment="port forwarding router IP to the client"
add chain=dstnat dst-address= action=dst-nat protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=8080

At this time we have done to setup double router port forwarding on the two router. The condition now is if any incoming connection that comes from public IP on the first router that is using port 80 will be forwarding to the IP of web hosting server by double router port forwarding.

3. Adjustment Server Configuration on Local Network As Web Hosting Server

If you follow the previous article, its nothing different then what we have done to Build Web Hosting Server that used Single Router. Just make sure, the IP address of web hosting server should be set as the static IP on the ethernet adapter configuration of LAN related to the second port forwarding. The windows firewall should not block wamp server as the web server application, and create the rules that allow TCP and UDP Port 8080. On Apache httpd.conf of wamp server

httpd.conf  : C:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.23\conf

Find the text with “Listen” and change

Listen -> Listen
Listen [::0]:80 -> Listen [::0]:8080

Find the text with “ServerName” and change

ServerName localhost:80 -> ServerName
Find the text with “onlineoffline” and change
Require local -> Require all granted


DocumentRoot "${INSTALL_DIR}/www/agratitudesign"
<Directory "${INSTALL_DIR}/www/agratitudesign/">

phpmyadmin.conf  : “C:\wamp64\alias”

Require local -> Require all granted

4. Script for Automatic Update Dynamic Public IP to No-IP Domain on Mikrotik.

The second router Mikrotik as the programmable router that allow us to do the job like Dynamic Update Client to keep update your sub domain related to the dynamic Public IP ISP that would be changed at anytime. The System Script for Automatic Update Dynamic Public IP to No-IP will be join with system scheduler.

/system script
add name=no-ip_ddns_update policy=read,write,test source={
:local noipuser "agratitudesign"
:local noippass "Password"
:local noiphost ","
:local inetinterface "internet"
:global previousIP
:if ([/interface get $inetinterface value-name=running]) do={
:log info "Fetching current IP"
/tool fetch url="" mode=http dst-path=mypublicip.txt
:local currentIP [/file get mypublicip.txt contents]
:log info "Fetched current IP as $currentIP"
:for i from=( [:len $currentIP] - 1) to=0 do={
:if ( [:pick $currentIP $i] = "/") do={
:set currentIP [:pick $currentIP 0 $i]
:if ($currentIP != $previousIP) do={
:log info "No-IP: Current IP $currentIP is not equal to previous IP, update needed"
:set previousIP $currentIP
:local url "\3Fmyip=$currentIP"
:local noiphostarray
:set noiphostarray [:toarray $noiphost]
:foreach host in=$noiphostarray do={
:log info "No-IP: Sending update for $host"
/tool fetch url=($url . "&hostname=$host") user=$noipuser password=$noippass mode=http dst-path=("no-ip_ddns_update-" . $host . ".txt")
:log info "No-IP: Host $host updated on No-IP with IP $currentIP"
}  else={
:log info "No-IP: Previous IP $previousIP is equal to current IP, no update needed"
} else={
:log info "No-IP: $inetinterface is not currently running, so therefore will not update."

/system scheduler
add interval=5m name=no-ip_ddns_update on-event=no-ip_ddns_update policy=read,write,test comment="Update No-IP DDNS" disabled=no

Insert the script above to the new terminal winbox! the system script and scheduler should be set with policy=read,write,test. Change on the script that I have marked as red color, depending on your account and the public interface name on your mikrotik router as the second router. The system schedule will run every 5 menit as the interval that we set to execute the related system script. Then the system script will watch your current public IP, if it is changed from the previous public IP, the script will send the request to your account to update the related IP for sub domain that we have setup. But if the current public IP is not changed is nothing to send request to server.

Actually build web hosting server, its not such a big deal. It doesn’t matter, perhaps you need triple or multiple router port forwarding. We just only understand the principle Port forwarding techniques and how to make the firewall is not blocking the port forwarding process running on the server. That’s it… let’s see the video for more clearly, good job!

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